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First off I'd like to say that I'm sooo happy for this website.. it really does help hearing other girls who are in the same situation as me..

but here's my story.. My names De'Ja (like deja vu) and I'm 18, currently a senior and my boyfriends name is TresVaughn, also 18 and he graduated 2009. I've been with him for 1 year and 3 months and yea we've had our arguments and what not but we were basically inseparable.... until today. I got to say bye to him at the recruiting office today as he left with the other recruitees to go to a hotel in downtown Houston (which isn't that far cuz i live in humble/atascocita) where he'll be sworn in tomorrow then head 3-4 hours down to San Antonio Lackland AFB. I've known that he was going to join the air force ever since june/july of '09 but these past couple of days have been the most hard on me because it seems like it just hit me that he's going to be gone for 2 months for BMT then a couple more months for tech school. I'm definetly going to his graduation but right now, it seems SOOO long from now and I've been crying my eyes out. I'm so used to having him around because he used to live with me and my family and when he went back to his house, he'd still come over and we'd spend all our time together. So to go from him being with me all the time to not at all is the hardest part. He's told me to stay postive and know that he's doing this to get his career started and set-up our future together but its still so hard. All I'm hoping for (besides to stop crying) is that time goes by fast and that me and him will be able to re-unite soon.

Here are some questions tho that I'm still not quite sure about like:

1) I live in atascocita which is approx. 3 almost 4 hours away from Lackland. How long will it take for my letters to reach him and for his to reach me?

2) When he starts Tech school, will he be able to have his own phone and call whenever he can?

3) Can people get married and live together during Tech school? and live off base?

4) I'm not saying I dont trust him but the fact that he's far away and I'm nowhere around, I'm kinda scared that he might cheat. Is there really any time for that?

Theres a ton of more questions I have but can't think of right now

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First off Welcome to the group! I live in Baytown! Like 30 miles or so from you! Well to answer your question on how long is takes to recieve letters the answer is 2 days. Of course he won't always recieve your letters 2 days after you send them because they don't get mail everyday. 2 months does seem forever believe I had my ups and downs, but it will be over before you know it and you just have to stay positive!!

Thank you so much ladies. It really does help with all these emotions and uncertainty.

Heyy hunni; and welcome to the group!! things are going to get hard, but you have to stay strong and stay busy. After the second week, you will start feeling better and more accustomed to this new situation. Everyone here is veryyyyy helpful & will try their best to help you feel better, or answer any questions that you may have. Venting to us will make you feel soo much better. Just try and stay strong for your man!! He needs it veryy much! When he gets down there, he will be able to call you and let you know that he is safe && that he will be sending out his address. Once he does that, you will most likely have it by the following Monday. He may be able to give it to you over the phone. Now Im from Cleveland, Ohio && go to school two hours boy gets my letters in about 3 to 4 days!! So Im sure yours will get his in a day or so. Most likely after the second week is when you will start receiving letters. And yes, once he begins Tech school, you can talk to him. You dont have to worry about any cheating during BMT...they are around about 50 guys all day every day..&& only see the girls down there at church on Sunday. So you have nothing to worry about!! <br />
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Hope this helped you some =)