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Hey Everyone! It's been a while since I have been on but I just wanted to let everyone know how I'm doing and whats all going on!


Well my husband has been at tech in Mississipi for almost four weeks now. I went and saw him about a week ago and we had the most amazing weekend together. BTW, I drove 6 hours by myself to see him(that part sucked but it was all well worth it) He graduates from tech March 13th and I cannot wait! He will come home for 2 weeks for the RAPS program and then we are off to Tyndall AFB, Florida for his first duty station! He is doing really well in school and is striving to get honor grad! I am so proud of him. Only 18 days till he finally gets to come home!!! Tech school is a whole lot easier and the communication ROCKS!! I hope all you girls are doing great and to all the new girls WELCOME! This is an amazing site and hs helped me so much!


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They have amazing Condos and a TON of them haha. A lot are mainly vacation rentals but most all take long term residents as well. Good luck and happy house/condo/apartment hunting :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how much that helped. I would really like to go down there and see everything before we move but I don't think it will work into my schedule. I am so excited to move you have no idea! A condo on the beach sounds really nice!!!!!!!

This is going to be extremely long...<br />
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WARNING: You are going to be moving there during Spring Break....Panama City Beach which is the city pretty close outside of Tyndall is going to be CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! It is one of the most famous Spring Break destinations in the United States and the town and the surrounding areas are going to be PACKED with people. You probably won't get a real sense of what the area is like until after everyone leaves. Traffic is going to be terrible if you want to go out and explore the surrounding areas once you move in. Just don't panic, it will slow down a lot soon after :)<br />
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As for housing goes on base: On Tyndall they are in the process of knocking down a lot of the old houses (they are from the 70's) and building new ones. A lot of the old housing is roped off because they have just started. They already have quite a bit of new housing built on base and it is beautiful. So I'm not quite sure if there is a housing wait since a lot are being knocked down but if you can get on base definitely get into a new house. Also in general there is just a lot of construction going on on base. They are tearing down a bunch of buildings to update the look since most buildings are pretty old there. They are building a really nice new gym that should be done soon. Just finished updating the main gates and it is really nice now.<br />
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This base is pretty cool. Kind of different from other bases in the way that it is separated into two different sides because highway 98 splits it in half. So if you lived on base you would live on the beach side (My boyfriend can see the beach from his window) and then for your husband to go to work he has to go out one gate, across the highway, and into the other gate for the work side of the base. The base is very large! It has miles and miles of wilderness (they do have black bears on base) but I have never seen one. The housing is pretty much away from the wilderness so don't be freaked out because I said that. Really most of the huge base is trees haha. There is a beautiful secluded beach on base but the access to it is quite a walk on a boardwalk over all of the protected sand dunes. There is a marina on base (cheap kayaking and boat rentals), and all of the usual things and shops found on any base. There is a bowling alley also. The weather is nice, this winter has been the coldest on record but it is usually between 50's and 80's all year round. Rains almost every day in the summer but only for like an hour. It is kind of cool.<br />
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Living on base would have it's benefits for your husband because he would only be 5 minutes from work. Right outside of Tyndall there is either Mexico beach on the East side or Parker on the West. Parker is a tiny town, then heading farther West is Callaway, also a small town then you drive into Panama City, then into Panama City Beach (where all of the resorts on the beach are and the more tourist things). There are really nice places to live in Callaway as well as PC or PCB. You are going to see a lot of water. The bays are beautiful. The drive to Callaway is only like 5-10 minutes, PC a little more and PCB is like 35 minutes. It will depend on the time of day because traffic can be pretty crazy because there is only one road that basically goes everywhere (98). I know a lot of people that live as far away as PCB (they rent a condo on the beach for a reasonable price and they love it) and his commute is not too bad he says. There are really nice apartments for lower than condo prices in all of the towns. If you plan on working then you may want to live off base unless you are going to work on base that way you can both have a commute that is split in half to make it fair :) If I lived there I think that I would want to live off base personally. <br />
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There is a paper mill right off base on the bay and it stinks soooo bad! That is why I would personally not suggest to live in Parker because once past that the smell goes away. There is a mall in PC (not too great) and some movie theaters but there is an amazing outdoor shopping mall called Pier Park in PCB and a nice movie theater. There are a lot of tourist places (some close down in the winter) like goofey golfing and Go Kart racing and tons of beach shops. Walmart is like 5 minutes from base and then there is another in PCB if you shop there. Amazing seafood restaurants oh course :) PCB is split into Front beach Rd, middle beach road and back beach road. Front beach is a one lane road each way so traffic can get kind of crazy so we always drive down back beach then cut over to wherever we want to go. There are a million public beach accesses along Front beach rd. Parking isn't usually too bad if you wander around for a while. <br />
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If you still have questions feel free to ask haha I tried to touch on a little bit of everything...Sorry it was so long :) I didn't realize that I knew this much or could share this much. Hope this helps!

GirlRich- We will be moving at the end of March!! I can't wait!<br />
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kkazoo2213- Is Tyndall nice? My husbands job is Aerospace Control and Warning Systems it has to do with radar! I am not sure what squadron he will be working in. We haven't decided if we want to live on or off base. Since you know the area what would you recommend? I want to live on base but then I also would like to live off base. My husband doesn't care, he says it's up to me. But I just can't make up my mind! lol What is there all to do there? Any information would be great!

Oh my gosh!!!!!! 1st person that I have found that is going to Tyndall! :) Haha my boyfriend has been stationed there for over a year. They are critically manned in a lot of places on there base and my boyfriend said that there are like 60 guys coming in soon. If you have any questions about Tyndall or the surrounding area I'd be glad to answer them or I can ask my boyfriend anything about it if I don't know the answer already :) I've been there 3 times, going again in 2 1/2 weeks and I'll be there for a month and a half this summer. What is your husband's job? Do you know specifically where he will be working? (I could give you better info if he knows what squadron he will be working in, my boyfriend knows a lot about all of them). Are you living on base or off? Haha, sorry I am so excited!!!

Congrats =) when will you guys be moving to florida?