I Have No Idea Whats Going On.

Okay. Im gonna start from the begining and end to now. Last night I was at work and on a break. I never get calls at work bc everyone just calls my cell phone. Well Bobbys Mom called me at work and told me that she talked to him but there was a down side. Bobby was rushed to the hospital bc he passed out during training and it has to do with his lungs breathing and heart. She told me all he wants to is talk to you so heres the number to call. I am at this point crying shaking and trembling. I left the break room and went to the trianing room and called him. He picked up the phone and I immediately started balling bc I was hearing his voice and he too was crying. I told him how much Ive missed him and how much I love him. I asked what happened and if he was going to be okay. He told me he was doing much better. And what happened was that he was at training and he was doing fine then he felt really dizzy and passed out. He has no memory of passing out the ambulance or even arriving at the hospital. He said he woke up wondering what happened and where he was. Then the doctors and nurses told him what happened. He passed out due to his lungs breathing and heart. Thats all I know and all he knew. So before we said goodbye he told me to call him in the morning to find out more. So me and his Mom have been calling all morning and the phone keeps ringing and we get nothing. So she called me today from work wondering if I had heard anything and I said no I havent but I wish. She said neither has she and that shes getting worried and I said me too. So we agreed that if either one hears something that we would call the other person. Well. After I hung up with her I went online trying to find some number that I could call to get some answers. Ive been on the phone for almost two hrs trying to find answers all to find out they cant tell me anything bc Im not immediate family. So later I will call his Mom bc I dont want to call her at work. I will give her the number to call and we go from there I guess. Bc Ive been calling his room all morning and still nothing. Im freaking out bc I know nothing. Nothing at all. I am so blessed that I got to talk to him for about four hrs last night and it was the best four hrs of my life. I thanked God last night in my prayers. Now I back to waiting again to hear anything but this time its about him and his health. I left work last night bc all he wanted was to talk to me so I left it was only an hr before I was really suppose to leave so no big deal. But now I work today 4-930 and Im gonna be a mess. I slept great last night bc I talked to him and I was happy. Now Im back to feeling sick to my stomach and not wanting to eat or do anything for that matter. I just want to know where he is and is he okay. I love him so much and this is seriously killing me inside. Im gonna be a mess at work. I work at Lowes so Im always with the public and I have to force a smile on my face to get through the day and night when in reality all I want to do is be at home in bed in a ball just by myself to cry and do whatever. I told Bobby about this site and all the girls that I met that are where I am in this and he was so happy that I found you guys. So thanks girls for everything. I need you girls right now ore than ever bc people around me just dont get it. I wanted you all to know whats going on and I hope to hear from you girls. Thanks so much.

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Thats all that I know as of right now. When I know more you girls will be the first ones to know.

Im glad you heard from him && knowing that he is ok. That is very sad that he has to get medically discharged...we he be able to return to the AF?

Ive really been a mess these past couple days but everytime I come on here and see what you girls got to say I instantly feel better. I just want you all to know that I really do appreciate you all being her and I will never forget it.

Omg. Wow. Thanks so much girls for all the prayers and support. It means so much to us both. I actually got a call as I was leaving work tonight. Bobby is leaving to come home on medical discharge in two to eight weeks. He has astma bronchial nimonia and irregualr heart beats and thats a huge concern to them. Im really glad that hes coming home to me. But at the same time it hurts me bc I know that hes really upset that he couldnt cut this. I feel so bad. When he comes home what do I say and or do?? Bc I dont want to say or do the wrong things here. This is a good and bad situation. Im thankful that he is okay though bc it could be alot worse. I need your help and advice guys on this part of all this. I hope that just bc hes coming home that we can all still keep in touch. Bc even though it was a small amount of time. You all have been here the most for me and I really appreciate and will never forget it.

OMG I'm so sorry! This story made me cry. I really hope for the best! I'll make sure to say a special prayer for you and Bobby. =) Stay strong girl!!

omg i am so sorry to hear about this.. i am sure you are a wreck right now.. i cannot even imagine & i will def be praying for both of you.. maybe something that will make you feel better is possibly he just changed rooms in the hospital. I mean did you get the name of the hospital or what floor he was on? because if you did, you ould always call there and have them transfer you to his room? & the good news is (since i work in a hospital) usually changing rooms is a good thing. maybe he got moved to a general medical floor rather than a heart monitor unit or something.. I KNOW ITS HARD JUST TRY TO KEEP THINKING POSITIVE.. and im sure you will get to hear something soon.. <br />
ps. i def agree with girl rich. he has to be doing better. i hope you find out something soon..

Ohh hunni, Im soo sorry to hear this!!! Just keep praying! Thats all you can do at this point. Its going to be a struggle at work, but hopefully you will hear something before the night is over. If you think about it...he HAS to be doing better, because if it was worse, they would have DEF been in contact with his family. Keep your head up && pray for him to have a speedy recovery!! You both are in my prayers (hugsss)

My God. I cant imagine how you feel right now dear. I was freaking out when my bf got the flu and sprained his ankle. I don know how I would handle this situation. I want to say that you are such a brave and strong woman to be able to handle this situation. <br />
<br />
I pray that you hear from his soon and that his health gets better.