As If It Couldn't Get Any Worst

I wrote my first story last night about him leaving yesterday. He officially got to Lacklands base today. As if it couldn't get any worst, I had dreams about him last night and it felt so real. The first was that he could have a cell phone and we were able to talk. The second dream was that he graduated and came back already. It sucked so much having to wake up and realize it wasn't true. And is it just me or does everything remind me of him? And sometimes everything will seem ok and not to worry but out of the blue, I start crying or tearing up. I miss him so much and it's only been a day. How am I supposed to make it thru 2 months!?! :( I know i have to stay positive and busy but it just seems so hard.

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Dont worry i know it doesnt seem like it but time will pass and youll be with him again..and yea the first days are just the worst and all you wanna do is cry...sometimes you just feel like a zombie walking around..youll miss everything about him..and everything will remind you of him..and youll notice how much you really love him and need him in your life..but write to him alot..send him alot of will help you and it will help him and when he calls it will just make your week..even if its a two minute in the same situation..38 more days till feels like forever..=|..but im trying to be positive and im praying for time to pass by a little faster..but just stay strong and remember you have to be strong for him..hes missing you just as much as youre missing him

Thank you all =)

Awwe hi there :) we all know how you feel ! My boyfriend is also on Lackland afb and he left last month ! You sound just like me when you said everything was alright then out of the blue you start crying ! Yeah, I was the same way ! But all you have to do is stay busy and these 2 months will fly by ! I thought the 2 months would drag by but his graduation is next week!!! It flew by and it will fly by for you too i promise :) just stay strong !

I dont its hard and it will but after these first few weeks (yes few weeks) it will get better.

Hearing what you all have to say is like music to my ears, very good. =) Mahalo Nui Loa!! (which means thank you very much in hawaiian) =)

Just know that IT WILL GET BETTER. BMT had a huge positive impact on my relationship, it teaches you to appreciate every second you get to talk to him, every hug, every kiss, every thing. STAY STRONG BECAUSE ITS ALL WORTH IT! Plus once he gets to tech school you'll be in heaven :)

I had dreams EVERY night about Nick being home when he was in bmt. Even when I was in the hotel room Wednesday night of his graduation weekend. When Nick first left I was DEVASTATED. Nick is my best friend and I had NO idea how I was going to go two whole months without my best friend. But it gets better! The first two weeks will be hard for you, I wont lie. But around week 3 or so you should hear something from him. And once you do time will fly and you'll feel so much better :) In the meantime, thats why we're here! The ladies on this site are the nicest, most kind hearted people you will ever meet. They'll help you through all of the hard times and be happy with you in all of the good times :) Keep yourself busy! Dont mope around the house all day. Instead, get out and have fun or try something new! That also gives you something to write about every night in your letters to him :) You just need to keep your head up and stay strong! And tech school is SO much easier! I love it! Its gets a lot better!

I know exactlyy how your feeling. It seems like you wont be able to do anything without him. && The dreams are soo normal. I still have them, and often wake up feeling even worse because I just want him home with me. && yes everything is going to remind you of him. All of this is normal. Its totally ok to bum around...these first couple of weeks are going to be horrible, but you just have to think positive. Just think that he is doing this to give you a better life!! Time is going to fly by. If you believe in prayer...just PRAY..thats what I do && write alot! Its ok to have a milion and one letters ready before you get his address. He will appreciate them very much. && Just keep talking to us..we will try to make it alllll better (hugs)