Last Week :)

He is almost done :) Im really glad we will be able to talk on the phone and that communication will be easier maybe even skype :) but im also nervous.  What if he has changed a lot? what if he no longer cares about talking to me? I am so torn between being happy and scared. i guess only time will tell how basic changed him . I am praying that is is just a more mature version of his same old self!

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thanks girls :) yall are the best!!!!

Congratulations on making it thorough!! ^_^

Ive seen nothing but positive changes in my boyfriend and I love every single one of them :) I felt just like you going to his graduation but the second I saw him for the first time in 2 months, all of those feelings melted. He wasnt different at all. He still threw me off of the hotel bed to prove his manliness to me and he still put me in a head lock in the mall parking lot lol We've grown SO much closer and stronger from him being in bmt. In a sense, Im glad he went through it. Our relationship has never been better. Yes, they get super busy at tech school. But my guy talks to me every chance he gets. And on the weekends I have him alllllll to myself :) Ohhh you're going to love tech school! Lol Dont stress about him changing. He's going to be the same person, just a million times more appreciative :)

It must be nerve racking. Like heather ^ I haven't yet had the experience of graduation but I'm sure he'll love you more than before and he'll change for the better. It'll be exciting. have fun and good luck =)

i mean i cant really talk from experience.. but i dont think basic changes them in that way.. if anything, im sure that he will want to talk to you more.. the only problem with tech from what i read on here is that they dont have alot of time cause they have to study and stuff.. but i def wouldnt worry about any of this stuff.. instead try to just focus on getting to see him. & be excited! & dont let anything change that.