Im Married :)

So everything went anything but smoothly this trip, Stevens team was in trouble and sent back to phase 1 but he ended up being allowed to stay from 7 on saturday to 7 on sunday so that was nice! :)

I did get married by myself tho, i went out there so I would'nt have to do a proxy and ended up doing just that lol, but really its just about being married I mean its definetely a moment I would have perfered to share together but oh well what are you gonna do about it... I know its more about  the commitment, and hes definetely the guy I want to be my forever! tho it was alittle weird being married and him not even knowing like we officially got married around 11 but we didnt talk till 11 that night since he had work.

I really do think the distance makes your relationship stronger and lets you realize exactly what you have. Love eachother on a deeper level.

I know its an emotional rollercoaster and the nights and days seem really long and your really alone, but I think its all worth it. I dont take moments with Steven for granted and the pride they and you feel is worth it, to me! I'm happy to be a proud Air Force wife :) and I support whatever choices Steven makes and I'll always be right behind him.

Well I just wanted to share that I was married :) its really exciting!

I hope alls well with everyone else :)




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Congrats!! But Im did you get married by yourself? Lol..Im kind of slow.

thanks everyone! :) i am!

Wow.....marriage. Must feel amazing.


Congratulations!!!!! =) I'm so happy for you!!

I know I just messaged you but again CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy your new married life! I am sooo happy for you two!

CONGRATULATIONS! you have to be so excited.. =D

Awe how cute, Congratulations on your marriage! I agree with you on relationships growing stronger with the distance, my boyfriend is at bmt right now and were apart for the first time in 2 1/2 years it so hard. But every time i talk to him, or with every letter i write i feel we get closer, and our love getting stronger.

congrats on the marriage!(: That's so exciting!