So I went over to Ryan's parents house for dinner last night and we were planning the trip for his graduation. His mom tells me and his dad that a few of Ryan's cousins want to take a road trip to Texas and go to his graduation. I was like "WTF?" i didnt want to be a ***** about it but come on! I wanted as much time as possible to be with Ryan not, Ryan and his cousins!!! what gets me more upset is that they always would leave him out of everything and never include him in anything, and his family is really close but with him they would always leave him out! and now they wanna go to his graduation!!! for what??? I know he would get upset to and say something like "I just wanted to be alone with you", this just really bugs me!!! is it wrong for me to be upset? i understand their intentions but i'm really annoyed!!! 

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Thanx girls, i wonder if i mentioned it in a letter if he would get upset, but i know he wouldnt be to happy to see his cousins either lol.

wow! I sorta understand what you're going though. My nana and papa want to go to Rocky's graduation on April 9th but they're not even close to him! And if they go I couldn't do ANY pda on or off base! I told Rocky about it in a letter and I gotta tell him no but I think you should tell Ryan. I wish you luck!

Ohh goodness!! When is graduation?? But its ok, to be upset about it. I was when I found out one of Richard's cousin, Ugh! lol, luckily she isnt coming anymore, Thank God! But write Ryan and tell him what happened, he might mention it to his parents and be like, well I really just want to spend time with you guys && might work!!