Graduation Is Close......but I Havent Heard From Him.

This is my first time writing so excuse me if it's a tad bit lengthy. My boyfriend, Logan, And I have been together for almost 2 years. i love him to death =) and I'm extremely proud of him. It took him FOREVER to leave, and then when he finally did; it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm a college student, so a majority of our relationship is long  distance, but we were always in constant communication. These past 5 weeks have been so hard, and there are nights when I break out into tears because I miss him so. Not only is he my boyfriend, but he's my best friend too. So when I finally got a phone call I was SO happy! But I write him so much....I didnt have anything to talk about. lol. Ive gotten three letters from him since his departure, and I received the last one almost two weeks ago. I still send him letters, but he's not responding. All I can do is think the worst. He did tell me that he cant really write me alot, and I understand that; but I just need to know that he's alright. ANd furthermore, with graduation fastly approaching I need to make sure he wasn't recycleBWd or anything of the such so I can have my reservations etched in stone. I just need to know if there's someone i can call to ensure that he will be graduating on time. I feel like I'm worrying way too much, but we're both new to this; so I'm trying the best that I can! =(

BTW...he's suppose to graduate March 19th =) && i believe his flight is 323 TRS/FLT 215 i have to double check, but I'm sure its right.

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I want to thank all of you so much! The info you've given me is so relieving. I was so worried about him.<br />
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Thanks for putting me at ease!

Remember one thing with the military girl! NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS! Because it is so close to his graduation, then everything is fine. They really dont like to recycle in the last two weeks. Now if your hubby is in week 6 he is at the BEAST and they can write but they cant send the mail out yet *no boxes* also he would call and let you know he is not graduating on time before he would call and say he is! I was going through that last week, but now my hubby graduates next weekend and they already have done the final PT test so I know everything is good!

Lol, Devon confused me, Im like Week 5?? What the heck! lol. <br />
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But yes no news is GREAT news!! Just keep writing alot!!! Send cards!! Anything. He is fine, Im sure.

Week 6! Duh! I knew that! Oy I feel silly. Stupid midterms getting to my brain O.o

no news is good news =) thanks. i like that; i like that alot.<br />
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Beast? smh. That doesn't even sound lke they would be able to write. <br />
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&& he's at Lackland too. =)

Just sounds like he has a super strict TI. I wouldnt stress about it at all :) If he were in any danger of being recycled or not graduating, he would have called you or a family member. Remember, no news is good news in the Air Force world. Also, if he graduates March 19 Im pretty sure that puts him at week 5 right now? If so, he's at BEAST this week. Which is why you havent heard from him. They cant write during beast. But he'll get your letters! So write him lots of super encouraging letters this week so his flight will do well and he'll get a phone call when he gets back to base :)

Hey girl, do you talk to his parents? you should try to get in touch with them. what Base is he at, my boyfriend is at Lackland and I found this website helpful, I think there is a number you could call to find out, But dont be sad about it I just heard from Ryan on Sat. which was the first time in like 2 weeks and he told me that they hadnt had time to write and not to think that it was because he dnt wanna talk but that he couldnt. So stay positive everything will work out just fine :-)

oh okay! thankyou so much. last i checked..they were doing good, and he was even an element leader. He wanted me too sneak him an airhead too; but i was scared for him. lol. You helped me alot.! Thanks again

don't worry too much girl. if chris hadn't been sneaking letters to me for the past 4 weeks i would have only gotten like 2 letters the whole time. his TI might not be letting him write right now, especially if his flight isn't doing to well. I don't know much about being recycled but I'm sure you have to be seriously AWFUL or do something bad for that to happen. Or if they get really sick. Don't worry just keep writing!!! everyday!