Its only been 1 day since he's been gone and this will have already been my 3rd story/post, sorry ladies. I just have so many questions and thoughts going thru my head But i was really wondering about the whole letters situation. His recruiter said he'll only be allowed 1 call and thats on Sunday. My boyfriend is going to call his mom (I wish it would be me) to let her know everythings ok and to give her the mailing address and she'll call me to tell me. You see, I gave my bf a letter right before he left and with it, left him a note of my address info just in case his mom doesn't call and tell me (she's not very fond of me for some reason and I don't see why because I am, for the most part, a pretty good girl and haven't dis-respected her or her opinions). But anyways, I read somewhere on a site that when he arrives at BMT, he's not allowed to keep his personal items (which along with his other stuff, means my letter and note). Is that true? and if so, my bf's not really good at remembering addresses so I'll just have to bite my lip and call his mom to find out. And when I do get news of the address, how soon can I start to send letters? Do I have to wait a certain amount of time like until he's able to send letters himself? I already have a 3 (and growing) page letter and I'm sure there'll be many more before I even get news.

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Haha aww thanks girls :) I just know how lost about everything I was when Nick first left, so I just try to help out as much as I can now that I know what Im talking about :P

Richard was able to keep his personal items too! Just keep faith with everyting! And yes, Devon is veryyyy helpful

All of you answered the questions I had. Thank you all!

devon is VERY good at explaining things lol. much better than i am!!!

I did the same thing with my guy :) And he was able to keep it that whole time. As soon as you get his address start writing him right away!! You might not hear anything from him until week 3 or dont become discouraged. But he'll be able to receive yours right away! Also, if you dont want to wait for him to write you, you can call the bmt reception center and they'll gladly give you his address :) The number for that is, (210) 671-3024. Remember to stay positive in your letters. No guy wants to read about how miserable his girlfriend is back home. Tell him how proud you are of him and encourage him to stay strong. When all of this is over he'll appreciate those letters more than anything. My boyfriend is in his second month of tech school and he still reads all of my letters :) The first two weeks are going to be hard for you but stay strong! It all gets easier! :)

Chris got to keep all of his stuff in a locker i think he said. he hung up all the pictures he had in his wallet of me and if you don't want to call his mom on the airforce website there is a number you can call and if you give them his name they will tell you his adress no worries! then you can start writing him everyday :) and trust me that makes life SO much easier when you can feel like you're talking to him

I can't give you that much advice since I'm pretty new myself but I sent all of Rocky's letters as soon as I got his address (well the day after because I got his address on Sunday). I've been putting a letter in my mailbox for him every morning. It's actually became a habit for me. I don't know about him being able to keep your letter or not. Hopefully he can though. =)