If Anyone Can Help Me? Very Much Appreciated

Well actaully this is my first time ever writing on sumthing like this its actaully very reliveing to know that im not the only one going through this

 hmm well lets see where to begin, well me and my boyfriend have been dating for like almost a year now, it may not seem like a long realtionship but i doenst matter to me i love him and he loves me, well he decided that he would go into the airforce. I was happy for him he loves to workout and stay fit so heck this would be somthing he'd like to do :) I was very proud of him, but we both knew that around the time before he left it would be really difficult for both of us. And it was i cried pretty much those last two weeks, i felt dumb at first cause i was like hes not even gone yet, but the days were going faster and the tears seemed more, he knew that i was gonna miss him and he said he was gonna miss me too ( he cried with me too) geez the day he left seemed so fake i didnt want to belive that he was leaving, and then he left we droped him off at the airport, i couldnt cry i wouldnt cry i didnt want him to see me cry the last day he was there so i just smiled and hugged him so hard. :P i didnt want to let go, :( but i had to so that sucked. that night i cried, it had only been an hour since i last saw hime and already it dawned upon me that it would awhile till i get to see him again... It wasnt a good feeling i miss him everyday and write to him everyday, he has called like 4 times now, only for a short while but still when he calls i get all chocked up and happy that i almost cried the whole time, :) it was so nice to hear from him though. But he barley left the 1st of this month so its touch i keep waiting for a call even though i know that i wont get many, and letters that i can only re-read just to get through the days. I miss him so much that even now i somethimes cry and geez valentines day was a bust seeing everyone all mushy together. i sucked it up and went to the gym ;) it wasnt that bad though lol i sent him a card though, i didnt know wat else i could send. i love him and miss him so much...

but yeah i was wondering if anyone knew like around wat time graduation would be? it'd be nice to know so tht i can plan ahead and get things ready cause i dont care how far it is im going ;) oh and what happens after tech school? does anyone know and anything else that i should know? if someone could help that would really help :)

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Even if it is just one, it's still better to just stick with the basics and keep it simple. Nothing outrageous or anything. They can still get crap for things like that. Some encouraging letters, cute pictures, and cards are good too! :)

hahaha '^__^ he actaully doesnt eat any junk food lol hes super amazingly healthy so no chip, no candy, no fast food (ANY KIND), hahaha :D hes super super healthy and trying to be even more lol <br />
hahaha but thx for the suggestions but yeah for now its letters ^__^ and really corny pictures lol

Whoa, what that guy above me said about the candy, chips, and drink is a BAD idea. DO NOT send him anything but letters and/or cards. One guy's mom sent him 55 cookies for everyone in my boyfriend's flight and their TI (training instructor) found out, and everyone in the flight had to do pushups until the TI and dorm chief finished eating all the cookies. Don't send anything to make them stand out. It will make things harder for them. They'll give him sh*t for things like that. Just send some nice letters while he's in basic :) Once he's in tech school though, you can send him anything you'd like!

i know i love going its so stress reliving :D but yeah thank u for ur anwsers its good to know to what i can look forward to ^__^ but yeah how are all of you?

Did he the first week of February? the first week is considered to be week 0. Yes after tech school you guys can live with one another! And the gym is sooo relaxing.

yeah, i found that going to the gym every day gives me something to look forward too :) and positive is good! after tech school he will be stationed somewhere and if ya'll are married you will be able to move and live with him!

thank u guys so much, oh and umm he left the ist of feb. so i figure he is in his 4th week :( yeah it feels like forever since ive seen him. But yeah :D im trying to send him happy letters, avoiding the fact that it suxs so much without him here, but gotta stay postive right ^_^ nothing else to do anyways. and i havent really found anything to occupy myself, well :P except the gym haha wanna look okay when he sees me again ;D but yeah oh! i have another question, were planning to get married Yay!! ^_^ but would i be able to live with him after tech school?

Well to answer your questions :1. BMT is 81/2 weeks long, he'll most likely right you the details about graduation. Their on Fridays, i know that! 2. After tech school he's assigned his first duty station, which is basically where ever they need someone with the job he gets assigned during BMT.<br />
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Believe me, I know it feels like the end of the world but things do get better :) Keep yourself occupied, write him as much as possible. Make sure to keep your letters positive and encouraging, hes going to be going through a whole lot during this time and no guy wants to her how gloomy and depressed his girlfriend is at home. BE STRONG FOR HIM! This site definitely helps:) Its so nice having people that have gone/or are currently going through the same things as you!

Heyy hun!! When did he leave!? What week is he in? I know exactly how you feel. The transitioning is very hard, especially when your use to being with someone all the time, and then he is just gone! But yeah we all know what your going through. The graduation ceremony is going to be on a friday && it should start at 9am.

I'm sorry I have no advice about what you need, but I read our story and wanted to tell you that I know what itis like to be awayfrom the one you love. It is hard, and sometimes you don't know if you can take it, and that your heart will break from the sadness. Just be strong, he will be home soon. <br />
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Hope everything works out!