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So I was in the middle of continuing to write my first letter and thats when I got the call. For most of you who've already read my other stories, you already know that its only been 1 day since he's been gone and I've been a wreck since and its not like he was heading to Lackland already, he was just going to the hotel downtown for the night with the other recruitees where he was sworn in this mid-morning (but I didn't get to go unfortunatly) and I thought he was gonna get bussed out right after but come to find out, he didn't leave until around 5pm. I know all this stuff because at 8:04pm, I got a call from him while he was on the bus heading down to Lackland (a wonderful recruitee let him use his phone, THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE :D). He didn't sound very happy but when I asked him why, he said he had just woken up from sleeping and I guess he was just irritated because it's a long ride and it's freezing and my hunny bear gets cold easily (oh what I would do just to be able to hold him and warm him up like I did before, I'd give anything). But anyways, it really was hard to hold back the tears and eventually it just started pouring. He kept telling me that he loves me and I told him I'll be trying my best to stay positive. I also started crying tho because I don't know if this was going to be one of the last calls I get from him until God knows when (since his first call will be to his mom to tell her the address which I'm glad he's gonna call her instead of me because the call HAS to be quick and theres no time for a really real conversation and i dont think I'd be able to hang up) So I tried to talk about anything and everything and listen to everything he had to say (I love his voice). The conversation had to come to an end (tears again) but I'm sooo happy that I got to talk to him at least one more time before he arrived to Lackland. It was a great 28mins =) =)

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THank you MrsBrown08. I haven't yet gotten the address but I think I will by Sunday. But I was really wondering how to even write the address down because it's not a typical 'address'. You cleared that question up and I thank you. And thanks to all you ladies =)

My husbands first call was the thursday after he got there I was standing in the kitchen well in the fridge drinking damn Sunny D straight out the bottle LOL! Then I heard that ringtone and I knew it was him calling I started freaking out! The 1st phone call does not have to be short it depends on the TI! He gave me his address then we talked for 13 minutes lol! It only took him 2 minutes to give me the addresss. Thank Goodness we knew before hand to look at all the available addresses and fill in the blanks.....He told me AB my name initial, 321 trs, flt 180, 1320, dorm b-10 unit 364054 but it is very loud when they call because it is so many people in the background so I had to repeat all of the that and clarify but it was easy putting the address together! <br />
<br />
321 TRS/FLT180<br />
(DORM B-10)<br />
PSC 3<br />
1320 TRUEMPER ST UNIT 364054<br />
LACKLAND AFB, TX 78236<br />
<br />
<br />
All the addresses are very similar to this just google AF BMT address and it will give u examples for each Training Squadron and FLT that way when that call comes in it will be quick and easy to write down and you get some extra time!

Congratulations on the phone call!! ^_^ Don't worry it'll get warmer soon, March is on the way ^)^

Ah you lucky girl! When Nick left he froze his cell account. So I just had to keep my fingers crossed that he made it to Lackland safely. Talk about stressful! But that was sooooo nice of that trainee to lend him a phone! Another story! lol, when Nick graduated from basic and was finally able to use his phone again, it didnt work! Something happened with the signal bouncing off the wrong towers? Idk. But his bunkmate lent him his phone so Nick could call me and let me know what was going on so I want sitting in a hotel room waiting for a call that wasnt going to come. So I know how much it means to have somebody help out like that :) Im so happy you got to talk to him! He's going to be thinking about that phone call for days!