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Hey Girls:)

I have not posted a story on here in a very long time. I have been trying to read them though. Well, Today is the 2nd day of week 7 for tony! I can't believe how fast this 81/2 weeks have gone. i remember dropping him off, and me not even being able to look at him becasuse i didn't want him to see me crying, and now he is Graduating in literally 9 days!! Its been a long ride but i am definalty going to say its been worth every second of it. I definatly have you ladies to thank for that too. Without you guys i don't know if i would have been able to make it thorugh. You guys just understand so much better than anyone what its like and how it feels to go through these things!

Anyways today i got my 23, 24, and 25th Letters from tony!! He wrote me everyday that he was at the BEAST last week. He told me that his flight beasted, but his cousin flight had made 3 big mistake and he was worried that his flight wouldn't get this award.. (I don't remember what its called) BUt he told me that he actually really like the BEAST he thought it was fun. Other than carrying 50lbs on his back every day. and the fact that their tent didn't have heat for the fist couple nights, and there were guys sleeping together and stuff and tony wore like everything he had and was still frozen to death. i felt kinda bad, because i just wanted to be there to keep him warm. He said he is so close to graudating and he is so excited. I think that this experience has really changed our lives forever. in a really good way. he told me to get as many ideas for a wedding that i can because if he gets a deployment date we might have to put a wedding together really fast... NOw i have to ask you girls.... I don't have a engagement ring from tony yet.. but he is telling me to put wedding ideas toghet and we are always talking about getting married ( and there is no doubt in my head that were going to get married) but the fact that he said that is a really good thing right?!? Like his brother asked me if we made if offical and i told him "wel i don't have a ring on my finger.. but he did tell me to get wedding ideas ready." lol his brother got really excited. His family really likes us together.. which is definalty a good thing.

I have been telling tony that the distance is making my love grow stronger for him. and he kinda made a really good point in his letter today.. he said " baby, Love don't grow with distance. Distance doesn't make love stronger. The willingness to be together makes love stronger.. the willingness to stay true to eachother that's what makes love stronger... not distance." It really put things in my head becasue when i think abotu it.. i think he is right in a way. And i am more than willing and wil always stay true to tony.. there is no doubt ibn my mind. I am sorry ladies i just wanted to share because i am really excited and i guess kinda lucky i have gotten so many letters too.. at least that's what my grandma tells me.. she said :Tony really loves you because he writes you every free time he gets." lol

Anyways, TO all the new girls who's Guys just started BMT THe best advice i can give you is WRITE WRITE WRITE... Encourage your Airman, and tell them how proud of them you are. Send pictures *( clean pictures of course) your guys will love that too.. at least tony did. It might be rough in the begginning but once you get your  first letter you will be on cloud nine for days.. and the 1st phone call.. that's even better! Trust me i never thought i would make it through, but it seriously goes by so fast.. before you know it.. it will all be over with. Stay strong and if you need anyone to talk to Ask any of these girls on here.. they are all here for you.. I am always here to help too. DOn't hesitate to ask anything! Thanks girls!=) I feel like a have gained some new friends, even though non of us have met!


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Heather- Thank you so much! I can't wait to be done with school so i can be with him! Only 6 more months!! I can't wait!<br />
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Girl rich- Yes i am so happy to basically be done. I can't go to graduation so no hope for a ring there but i am really hoping a get one when he comes back. Lol.. toNY IS very good at telling quotes or making them up.. i really liked what he said as well, it all makes sense.. not having communication is a good thing kinda.. it makes every letter of phoen call i get so much better!! You will be done soon! Thank you so much for the congrats!=)<br />
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Becsig- i know i can't wait to have real communication with him. he can't wait to be done either! If you see tony you should say hi ... lol.. What flight is your guy in?!<br />
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Kiyarmerugeisha- Yes i am very hurt i can't go to his graduation, he is planning on getting a cell phone and a computer so iw ll be able to talk to him all the time!! I can't wait!! Thank you so much for the congraulations!!=) It feels so good to be done fo rhte most part!

I know how much it hurts not to be able to go to graduation, but as long as your airman has a working cell phone, communication will be SOO much better. CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT THROUGH BMT!!!!

Ahhhh I'm sorry! But even without going to graduation, life will be sooooo much better starting the end of next week :) yay for communication! We're so close!

you know Im soooo happy to hear all of this!! It really makes me happy!! && You never know, he might put a ring on it during graduation. I hope that I get as many letters as you!! But Im soo happy for you!! & What he said was sooo true, lol it sounded like a hallmark card. Im glad he was able to enough the BEAST because a friend of mine hated it with a passion. I told somebody the other day, besides not being about to be with Richard everyday, I really love this process. Its making us more stronger as couple & as a woman & a man. Congrats girl!

hey hun.. i am sooo excited for you.. & no worries, u=you will be done with school & clinical soon & then you can spend as much time with him as you want.. =D

=( Ya i can't believe how many letters i have gotten either.. but i can't go to graduation=( I have a huge thing for school due next thurs.. and i have clinicals next weekend.. so tony is going with one of his friends familes.. SO I WON'T see tony for at least 4 more months!=( I bet your excited! I can't believe were like done!

WOW 25! Colin's in week 7 too and I've gotten 3!!! Hahaha I can't wait for graduation - we'll see our guys NEXT WEEK! How crazy is that? We're almost there!