My Second Chance

Hey Ya'll,

I just recently became a proud AF girlfriend. My boyfriend and I dated last year for a few months and it was perfect but then my ex came back into the picture and I went back to him. Almost a year went by, my ex and I broke up for the last time b/c I realized what a jerk he was, I went off to college then came back home. Over Christmas, Michael and I started talking again. The night he left for BMT I told him how I felt about him and I was stupid for ever breaking up with him. He told me he still loved me and I asked for a second chance. He didn't give me an answer that night but a couple weeks later in my first letter from him I got the answer :) I am so thankful he is giving me another chance! I know he is the one!  I am traveling to San Antonio on March 17 for his graduation on the 19th! I am so excited!

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aww thats cute hope that it goes well for both u and ur airman ;D <br />
oh and to deja974 haha i totally understand he gave me his sweats and this cute green shirt that he used to wear i love sleeping in at night lol oh! and yeah nope! its not childish lol i sleep with stuffed panda he gave me lol we named him ^_^ that was cute oh and another pillow panda! i miss him so much but the days will go by fast and i'll get to see him again! that goes to everyone here too cause time will go by fast u just gotta have hope! ^__^ good luck everyone!

To missinmyairman11:<br />
I know exactly what you went thru. While me and my bf Trey were going out, my ex tried to get back with me but conseriding I had just started going out with Tre and knew there was something different about him that I loved, I didn't go back to my ex (thank god, he's a jerk). Congrats that you and him got back together and that he'll be graduating next month, lucky =). Today is Tre's first official day at Lackland and it's so lonely without him but I know things will get better.<br />
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To erdriscoll:<br />
I smiled when you said "spray his cologne on your clothes". I actually do have his cologne that he left with me. Might sound creepy but he gave me his shirt that he last wore before he left and it smells just like him, wonderful =). And it might sound childish but I sleep with my pink puppy doll that he gave me for Valentines. As you might be able to tell, I miss him verrry much.

Thanks :) I didn't know a group like this existed but I am so glad I found it! I love hearing other people's stories! That is so true about walking through the mud to realize what's best...I feel like I am the luckiest girl alive :) That's so cool that he is coming home tomorrow! I have 20 days til I get to see Michael but I'm thankful time has gone by so fast! I am looking forward to meeting other AF girlfriends/wives and sharing our stories! Thanks again..

I'm so happy for you! Sometimes we have to make hard decisions and walk through the mud to realize what we need most in our lives. I had to kiss alot of frogs to get to my prince and he is coming home tomorrow and I was sitting on the couch contemplating making a loaf of bread (which I can't because I have no money or eggs lol) for him when he gets home and I just broke down and started crying because I am so happy he is coming back home soon. <br />
I just joined this group and in the past 4 days have realized the ammount of strong women I have behind me supporting me. We are a part of something bigger than most people realize. Behind every airman there is a strong woman holding him up. Remember that when you miss him and when you cry yourself to sleep holding his pillow, when you spray his cologne on your clothes to you can feel closer to him. <br />
If you ever need anything, don't hesitate...