It's Almost Here !!!!

Hi ladies (: my name is Shyla and i am a United States Airforce Girlfriend! On Jan. 5th, my boyfriend left for the airforce and it was the hardest day of my life! When he was here we spent every day together ( literally ) ! If he wasn't at my house i was at his lol and today it's been 2 1/2 months since i've seen him :( but the good news is that i'm leaving in 6 days to go to his graduation !!!! I have been counting down the days ever since he left and it's finally here :) I read a lot of stories on here regarding the whole tech school thing and it's making me feel a lot better knowing i'll be able to talk to him and see him more than i did during basic !! I live in Indiana and his tech school is going to be in Texas so it's gonna be pretty hard seeing him every weekend lol but as long as i get to talk to him everyday i'll be ok (: He had a few phone calls during basic and i loved hearing his voice after weeks of not hearing it ! During the whole 2 months of his basic training i probably recieved 10 letters and he probably recieved 130 lol jk but i did write everyyyyy dayyyy ! He told me Tech School will be a lot easier so hopefully it is ! If anyone has any questions regarding basic training i'll be glad to answer them, because i was sure asking millions when mine went lol so I know how you must feel ! All I know is that it flew by and i was definetely not expecting it ! Just keep yourself busy and his graduation will be here before you know it :)

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I will be at graduation next weekend also! I will actually arrive in San Antonio Wed morning! I am super excited! I can not believe that it is almost over either! I am so happy that Tech School will be so different! My husband is going to tech school in San Angelo and will be there for over 20 weeks so hopefully they PCS my daughter and I there then we will be living together! Whether they PCS us or not we are still moving there though! My hubby is in 321 TRS/FLT 180 For the girls whose guys are graduating then what flights are they in? To TinaNaa just hang in there time will by for you also!

AH! so lucky! :/ i still have to wait! but YAY! for u :D that must be so excititng to see him again! haha i dunno if u were like me but im like planning that day now, even though i still have like 1 month 1/2 to go lol HAVE FUN SEENIG UR AIRMAN ;D

My boyfriend tony Graduates next weekend too!!=) what flight is your guy in?!? i also can't wait for tech school! I am very proud of him and i can't wait to see him.. even though it will be a while! And i remember the 1st day tony left.. it was the hardest day ever for me too! i prob won't see him for a while.. but I know for a fact he and probably all your boyfriends hav worked hard and he is ready to graduate! Congratulations on makign it through BMT!=) Our Guys are almost done!

Hey! I'm going to graduation next weekend too :) I can't wait. Tech school will be a million times better!