I Wish I Could Be Closer To His Family..=(

I read about alot of the other girls who go to see his parents every so often and they get along great. I wish the same for me.


Rocky's dad is a stubborn drunk, his mom lives in Teaxas (which she thinks I'm a hoe bc I dated Rockys best friend b4 him) and then there's his sister.... Rocky has this sister that is two years younger than me (4 years younger than Rocky). I never really liked her but she goes to the same school with me and I even have some classes with her so I talk to her from time to time. Well last Saturday I went to the Military Ball with her and as we were dancing I asked her why she didn't bring her boyfriend to the ball. She started crying and saying that she felt like I needed her since Rocky was gone and stuff like that. Well then I start crying and we end up going outside hugging each other and bawling our eyes out. She says "I know how much Rocky loves you and I know how much you love him. It's pretty obvious by just watching you two together that you were meant for each other and I know how hard this must be for you. You miss him alot, but no one really knows how much I miss Rocky. I missed him when he moved into your house last year and I miss him more now. We were like best friends and we always told each other everything. I just wish he was here"


I sorta didn't know how to react to that. At first it made me feel like a piece of crap. Like I just stepped into her life and stole Rocky never even looking back. But then I thought about what she said and began believing that she was just a drama queen. First off I live like literally 2 blocks from where she lives and she could've came over anytime to see Rocky. Plus when Rocky was living with her she would constently move down to Texas to live with her mom and she never missed him then. And Rocky would go over to his old house every weekend to visit with his family. His sister just happens to be at her friends house every weekend so I think that's her fault. Second, they were NOT best friends, far from it. Rocky loved her but really disliked her if you know what I mean. She was always a complete *****! She lied to him muliple times a day, she talked crap about me when I wasn't around, she even threatened to kill him with a screwdriver before! For the whole four years I've been around she never acted "friendly".  So what she said ended up making me dislike her even more than I already do.


I don't know if I was wrong to think bad of her or not. I mean I understand that they are brother and sister and that she might really feel that way but she just lies and over exaggerates WAY too much!! It's really making me mad! 

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okay so i kinda know what you are going through.. my boyfriends parents like me when they want to. i guess it kind of depends on the week. and everything that happens that they dont like, is my fault.. but the part that is really similar is the sister thing, matts sister is actually older than him, but she and him have never been close.. and he kinda thinks shes a B****.. however they are family.. so you know i never really say anything.. but i guess his sister went to his mom and told her she cannot believe i steal all of matts time. and that since i came along, she never has time with him.. which they never did before.. so we just chalked it up as being her jealousy of our relationship.. (since she is older & still doesnt have a boyfriend- maybe because she is such a B**** lol) so maybe thats what his sister is doing to?

lol thanks Katie!!! and you are so right! She probably had a realization like I did. lol. you're a great friend! and I promise to give her a chance. =D