Bf Just Left For Basic Training Yesterday :(

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year now. He arrived in Texas for basic training last night. I still haven't received a phone call but I was told that they get one one phone call when they get there to call home and say they made it? I'm just wondering when he will get to call home and if anyone has any advice as to how long they had to wait until they received their first letter from their airman. I am just counting down the days until I hear from him, either by phone or mail. Today was the first morning I've had to wake up without him...and my heart was aching. I still can't believe he is gone. I live in Illinois and will be flying with his parents to texas for his graduation, but 8 weeks seems soooo far away. And I can't start sending him letters until I get the address. Does anyone know if he will be able to stay in the hotel with me and his parents when we go there for graduation, or if he will have to stay on base? And is it true that the people at basic sometimes make you read your letters out loud? I don't want to write anything mushy if it will embarass him.

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My boyfriend just left for Texas this morning and I haven't heard anything from him yet either. I talked to the recruiter and he told me it would be about a week or two. Hopefully sooner. We have been together for 3 1/2 years and I understand how awful it is to be separated. I am planning on staying in a hotel with his family during graduation at the moment. 8 weeks seems for ever, but I hope it flies by for the both of us! Good luck to you and your boyfriend <3

M M tug boyfriend left on March 4th and I still haven't received any letters only important mail cards that's all I miss him more and more everyday our apartment feels so lonely without him. Somedays I feel discouraged because he hasn't wrote I just hope he is OK I know what you are going through just keep your head up (:

Oh wow! I am actually dealing with this exact thing right now. My bf left feb 14th. I know it's pretty hard so far. I am mailing my first letter tomorrow and wondering the same thing.

Now I don't feel so alone anymore after reading all these....<br />
My baby left February 16th, also in flight number 291. I received my first phone call the following Sunday, only 6 days after he left. And then another phone call that Thursday, 5 days after the first call. It was great hearing his voice, but to hear him cry and telling me he loved me so much was just so incredibly hard. We have been together for a year and a half on the 18th....I constantly think of him, I cry myself to sleep everynight. I'm not joking, I have cried every single day. But it only gets easier. Time has been flying by, but yet it has been taking it's sweet time. Depends on the day. We got the graduation information 2 weeks after he left, he graduates April 16th. If you want to know a little bit about graduation.... well here. The day before graduation, is the coin ceremony where they get sworn in and all that good stuff. Then Friday, is graduation and afterwards they get a town pass (meaning they can leave base) but have to be there by 8. Then Saturday is an all day town pass...from 9am-8pm. And last, Sunday is Base Liberty which is where ya'll can hangout but he has to stay on base. So 4 days of seeing your loved one is so much to look forward too!!!!!! Well, if your boyfriend is in the Air Force Reserves, mine is. It could be different for Air Force but I am not sure.<br />
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When my baby called the second time, all he could say was how much he had loved and missed me....he told me to write him everyday. So I have written him a letter, every god dang day LOL. I just want to keep him happy and motivated. My boyfriend is an Element leader, they kind of have more priveledges then the guys under them. <br />
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Whatever you do don't send food, candy and don't decorate the outside of envelopes....they will have to do pushups or something for it. The TI's make fun of them too.<br />
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I got a letter from him three days ago, so almost 3 weeks after he left.... It was so cute. He made a new best buddy, and they have made a plan for his buddy and his girlfriend then my boyfriend and me, to all go on a date to Olive Garden and a movie. It just gives you so much hope!!!!<br />
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I can't tell you how strong and independent this is making definetly makes your relationship a lot stronger too. I hope all goes well, and that you hear from him soon. Goodluck!

dont worry hang in there maybe he hasnt called yet because someone might have done something wrong..if one of them does something theyre not supposed to they all get in trouble for baby left a month ago to bootcamp too and i was super worried because it took like three or four days to get a call but he told me he was fine but someone else messed it up for all of them...the letters will start coming in in a bout a week and a half maybe..mine left to fort knox=(..his letters will get to you faster than yours to him since its a whole process for him to get your letters and hell write to you as soon as he can..when he has his free time he can either decide to write to you or take a shower...they have to do alot of things all the trying to hang in there but it really is super hard...and no dont worry they dont have to read the letters out loud unless its because theyre punishing them ...dont send him any little drawings or mushy things outside of the letter...he will get punished...inside you can draw all you want and say all you want..when you get his address write to him as much as you can it will really help him out..and send him pictures..just not anything still trying to figure out how to be strong...the first days he left all i could do was just...barely surviving. oh and renzat...i feel exactly the same...=(

I am really lucky to have already received the call, Ive already written two letters lol

Hang in there! i thought my life was over when ryan left a month ago... you'll make it =) just stay strong. and write as much as possible. and time will fly =) count down the days! and know the first two weeks are the hardest. i heard from my boy only 17 days after he left!! no phone calls yet. but it gets easier i promise.

Renzat- you are so lucky you got a call from him today, I still havent heard from him yet :( I'm dying to get his address so I can send him letters.

I know exactly how u feel!!! Today is also my bf's first official day there and I feel sooo lonely. These women help a TON tho and give GREAT and re-assuring adive. And a lot of our boys are together, huh. lol.

Ryan left on Feb 9 to Lackland AFB in Texas I just got the first call last Saturday, but I still haven't received any letters back. But the day after he got there he called his parents to give his address so you'll most likely hear from him soon . I don't know about the reading the letters out load I hope not ;-O and I found this website that I found very helpful it answered a lot of questions They have to be in their dorms by 8pm every night during graduation week, just plan sometime to be alone with him. Its so hard though I cry like every single night and when I think of him during the day, the first week goes by so slow but it starts to get better after that. Stay Strong it will all work out ;-)

welcome to the group :)<br />
yeah like she said it all varies on his TI.<br />
he wont be able to stay with you at the hotel but he can go there for his town pass, so id plan that :)<br />
if your letter attracts to much attention theyll read it so white envelopes with nothing on them. they do push up for hearts and colors and stuff but you can decorate the inside! and i know my airmen loved mushy lol<br />
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itll be okay i promise its all worth it at the end, the pride and excitement and experience really is something special!<br />
stay strong and stay busy!

Welcome to the group girls! <br />
But it depends on how his TI is on when you will be able to get a phone call from him. But I would say give it two weeks before you recieve a letter or call. Thats how long it was for me. He wont be able to stay with you guys at the hotel overnight. When you go down there he will have town passes on friday, saturday & maybe on sunday. And with the townpass that allows him to go out with you guys & but he will have a curfew. Lol, Im not sure about them having to read outloud, but he will appreciate all that mushy stuff! Soo start writing. My babe never said anything about them having to read outloud. <br />
Stay strong & stay busy hunni.

My bf of 5 years left for basic training yesterday as well! Our boys must be together :) <br />
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I received my phone call from him today at around 11. He basically gave me his address and said he loved me (which I knew might have been gutsy). 30 second call.<br />
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Is your bf's graduation date around April 23ish? When you hear from him, you should tell me his flight number, Zach's is 291. <br />
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I know the pain you are going through, Zach and I pretty much lived together. My mind is spinning and I'm constantly wondering what they are doing to him down there. My friends don't really understand at all, all I want to do is stay in my room and read. Ugh. I feel so lonely.