anybody knows what ambers last name is and have her address that i can have to write please!!!?!?!

sweetmelodyn15 sweetmelodyn15
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i still don't see what someone could do with certain info....but you never know...BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY....lots of anti-military crazies out there!

devon you weren't shouldn't be posted on here....but i do silly stuff like that too katie, don't feel bad!<br />
<br />
i hope everyone has amber's info....her last name is thaw and she is on charlene said her parents posted her address on her wall....but if any of you send me a message i will gladly give it to you =)

Katie is it possible for you to send it to me on facebook? I told Amber I'd write her at least once....

Seriously I would hate if something like that happened, good watching out :)

Blah I didnt mean to sound so harsh. Sorry! I just think about one of these Anit Military I Hate The World and Everyone In It people writing Amber a letter lol I dont think she's be too crazy about that haha

dont worry ill delete it

AHH sorry! I didn' t even think about that! I deleted it!

thank you so much!!!<br />
is her last name Thaw??<br />
cuz im trying to find her on Facebook and i cant

Eh. You shouldnt post that on here Katie. This group isnt private so any creep could get a hold of that. You see the weirdos that post on here sometimes. We dont want any of them contacting Amber lol