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so quinten is still gone at his brothers, isnt planning on being back until march 15th. which he leaves for basic april 6th, boooo. i just got out of basketball season, which stinks because it gave me something to do. softball season is starting up, ive played for like ever, but i dont like it nearly as much as i used to, and the begining of the season is so crazy, like games everyday. and we have games the entire last week quinten will be here, some of them tripple headers. we also have a game on his bday. which just makes me not want to play even more because i mean, quinten means soooooooooo much more then softball would ever mean to me and i only get like 20 days with him before he leaves for basic anyways. so im not sure about what to do, my mind is pretty much made up of not playing. any advice is appreciated. also his birthday is the 1st and he leaves the 6th so im like soooo confused as to what to get him for his bday. i made a scrapbook the other night but im not sure what else to do. having all this time on my hands makes me think more and more about the future and where im gonna be, i sure hope its with quinten. i know if we can make it through all of this we can make it through anything. its crazy what love can do to you right! well advice is appreciated, thanks girls!

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like rockysgirl204 said, I would also suggest that you talk to your coach. He still has some time before he leaves and you might wanna spend as much time as you can with him. I spent a TON of time with my babes before he left and I don't regret one second of it. It's memories that I can look back on now that he's gone for a while. And btw, I'm also in high school (senior year). And he'll appreciate anything you give him I'm sure.

I play softball at my high school and I love it! I'm from a really small school and our team sucks. We've actually won only like one game during fast pitch but it just gives me something to do while Rocky's gone. I told my coach before I even signed up for slowpitch what was going on with Rocky being at BMT and that I would miss some games (especially during april when he graduates) and he understood. So I say talk to your coach and see if he/she's understanding. I'm sure you'll enjoy playing once he's away. and i can't really give you that much advice on gifts. I am absolutely horrible at that! lol