Updates On Bobby.

His Mom just called me and told me that he is out of the hospital and sounds so much better. Hes in a barracks where the ones that go home on medical discharge go. He says its nice there and hes comfortable. He will be getting a phone card soon and he will be home in two weeks. I am so excited that hes coming home but at the same time I feel so bad bc I know how much this meant to him. And Idk why but I have butterflies and am so nervous to see him when he gets home. I love him so much and have no clue why I feel that way. Idk. I kow Ive been saying this alot but you girls have been amazing to me and I will never forget any of this or any of you. I hope just bc hes coming home that that doesnt mean we cant talk bc Id love to keep in contact with all of you.

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Lol. Thanks guys. I am super excited but at the same time feel bad. And oh yes. Super nervous to see him. I cant believe after all these yrs I still get nervous. Lol. Thanks so much for the support.

I am so relieved that he feels better. And of course its scary seeing your guy after such a long period of time but the moment you see him face and you can hold in in your arms everything will be right again.

omg i am soooo happy for you! Im glad everything worked out. and that he is doing so much better! & only having to wait two weeks? thats awesome