First Day

So today was my hunny bears first full day being at Lackland. I still him him a tonnnn of course and I've been making short-term goals while he's gone to keep me busy. Some include graduating (no problem), fixing up my room (already in progress), get sun-tanned and shed some pounds with good eating and exercise (i want my pookie bear to be like "DAMN!!" when I see him at his graduation, lol) which doesn't seem so hard to do now that he's gone because I have NO appetite at all, is this normal? and speaking of food, I've been worried about him. What exactly do they feed them in BMT? And do they start them training on their first full day? All these questions in my head >_

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My boy is down at lackland too right now so I'm going through the exact same thing as you. He left on the 23rd, I have pretty much no appetite either! I got the one designated phone call yesterday to pass on his address and I already wrote him a letter. I have so many questions for him! But I know he probably won't be able to write much, it's just really hard not talking at all :( We are only about 2 days in so hopefully it gets easier! <br />
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Ps love the goals idea

Short term goes are good. But they eat good....well first like the first week they only have 30 seconds to eat their food :-/ but then as time goes on they get more time. And you not eating is totally normal...but not good!!!

Thank you, it wasn't easy but at least I can cross off one day of the countdown on my calendar =) and try as best to keep your head up until your boyfriend leaves. I cried a ton and he would make me feel better of course but it kinda stressed him out knowing that he was leaving me in such an emotional/depressed state and you don't want your guy worried about you in BMT. I've already written him a couple of (positive) letters and haven't even gotten his address yet. lol. And hope you spend as much time with him as you can, it'll be worth looking back at once he's gone =)

aww thats a really good idea with the whole short term goals. i think just trying to find something every week to look forward to is also good just because it helps time go faster. i havent experienced boot camp yet (its coming soon) but i have read other girls stories in which they dont eat hardly anything either. its just prob the stress and sadness of the whole thing getting to you.. but hopefully it will get better & you can be back to eating again.. congrats on getting through your first day.. =D

woopsy, I meant *miss him a tonnnn =)