My Airman Left Feb 9

Hey girls, I am new to this whole site but I am so thankful that I found it. My more-than-friend guy left for the airforce on the 9th of this month. On the first night he was at basic, I got a text message to say that he was there and that his dad has his adress. As of last Saturday, I had written four times. He called me Saturday night around 9 ET. I literally had a minute on the phone with him in which he told me to write him EVERYDAY. How long do they typically have on the phones and did anyone else's airman leave on the same date?

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Hey girl. Just to let you know, I am done with the airforce girlfriend thing but I am hanging around to help out others. :) I wrote everyday and sent out each letter in different envelopes. So I mailed out one everyday a week except for sunday. I didn't go to graduation but from what I have heard heels are a no-go. I guess there is a lot of walking and standing. Everyone says to wear comfy shoes or sandals.

my boyfriend just left may 4 i miss him so much i cant focus doing anything i keep reading about whats he doing i havent gotten his address yet but ive already written him a three page letter.... i wanted to ask, writing him everyday do you mean send him each letter in a different envelope? and after graduation is it true that they get a pass to go off base with family? and what should i wear to the graduation some people are saying no heels?

Eh, not really. He started on a Monday, and I finally heard from him that Wednesday. For the next five days I at least had some contact from him. But I haven't heard from him in a week now. I know he's really busy. His Tech is only a month and a half so I feel like it must be pretty intense. But other girls hear from their boys every day. So just be prepared for almost an extension of basic, so if its a LOT more contact, you're even more excited.

Do you get to talk to him often?

Yeah, he starts his third week of Tech tomorrow. Well, third week of being there, second week of actually being in school.

Is your boy out of basic?

Yeah, that should be fine. I think as long as the envelope is plain, its okay. It's probably something that really amuses him and keeps his spirits high. I like it! :) Keep writing. Write every single thought you can possibly conjure up in a letter each day. It'll really pay off.

Yea see mine seemed to get stronger right before he left. Like he said he loved me and would miss me a lot. But I still don't know. <br />
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But I have a question. I have been writing on blue paper with like glittery pens. Do you think he is getting hell for it? I mean, I am putting it in a plain white envelope and just writing the address in a plain pen.

I still don't even know what he calls me. We broke up two weeks before he left but it never really felt like we broke up except that like, "babe" and other mushier things stopped being said. I know its hard to think of things to say, in the begining it was hard for me, but I just started writing out what I did that day and little things that reminded me of him/would make him laugh. I made sure I did SOMETHING every day, even if it was just staying in, watching a new movie and baking a really awesome strawberry cream cake. Haha I think though, you have to go on what you know. He called you, and that's huge. If he didn't you could worry but you were clearly on his mind enough that he's dying to hear from you and get letters from you every day. So don't worry about what's said, just know there are feelings there and use that as adrenaline to work off of. Talk about things you want to do when he gets back, maybe you saw some new roller rink (lame example I know, but go with me) about to be built, tell him all about it, or look up movies coming out when you'll get to see him again and talk about which ones you think he'd like. He'll appreciate it and like you that much more for it. My guy told me everyone was jealous of my letters I sent him, so it didn't matter what he said to others, he saw I cared and that was enough for me.<br />
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As for time on the phone, my only phone calls, (only two :( ) were two minutes long about. It sucks but it doesn't matter. Hearing is voice and knowing he's okay and thought of me enough to call was good enough for me. Its hard not being the girlfriend, but I think if you show how much you care and are dedicated and strong, it'll make whatever relationship you have a lot stronger.

I have been trying to write everyday but it is hard for me. I am starting to lose my desire to do it. I have nothing to talk about and I have nothing to go off of. And it is getting even harder when I don't know exactly what he says about me to the other guys. Is he saying I am his girlfriend or just some chick?

Yay! I like girls with not exactly a boyfriend but boyfriendish odd situations. If that makes sense. I'm always one to root for it. Definitely write every day like he said, and get as creative with it as you can. Send sports scores, clippings of your newspaper's funnies, cell phone pictures throughout the day, write recaps of tv shows and movies coming out. Anything to get them away. And my boy is in flight 331 too! Holla for the wolfpack!!! Also, I think there's some new weird rule where they can use their cell phones when it comes to their weekly calls. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it maybe he used a flight-mate's phone. Welcome, btw! If you have any other questions definitely ask away.

No, it was a 757 area code. I think that is around the Virginia Beach area. I know he had his phone when he was at basic because he texted me. Do you think that he may have gotten caught with it? Would that limit phone time as well?

yea, the better they do..the more time they get on the phone. My boyfriend told me today that if they keep doing well, then they might start being able to use the phone everyday. Soo encourage him to do well so he can talk to you. <br />
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But idk about why he called you from that...was it a 210 number?? Richard always calls from his phone...but other girls say that their boys also call from a 210 area code.

Yea, he is in flight 331... I think. I really want to hear from him but I know that I will probably have to wait a bit. Have you recieved any letters so far?<br />
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Oh, so some get some serious time on the phone? <br />
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It was odd, my guy didn't call from his phone. He was on some phone that was from West Virginia. Any reason why that may be?

My guy left on the 9th as well! I got 3 phone calls from him. One, a 30 sec call saying he got off the plane and said he made it alright. Two, on valentine's day, this one lasted 20 mins =) and last Thurs. I got a 5 minute call but it all depends on the TI. Do you know what flight ur guy is in?

Welcome!!<br />
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It varies on how long they can be on the phone. All up to their TI. My boyfriend talked to me after two weeks for 15minutes..then this past Friday for 20minutes. And there is at least one other girl who's boy left that day. Mines left on Feb.2.