This Could Be Worse, But I Doubt It.

I teach a dance class to girls in preschool through eighth grade. We have a performance next friday and I planned to leave the following week for Gregs graduation and then i have a planned trip to miami with my sister. My friends Jessica and Ricky were at the studio gym working out when I wrapped up practice and I decided to do some kick boxing and running before I called it a night. I ran for about 45 minutes and got really into my kick boxing and then got a bit too light headed. I went to go down the stairs when I biffed it. I not only got minorly concussed and cracked my forehead open, but I bit through my lip, and broke one ankle and sprained the other. Ok, besides being concerned that I look like I was just beat with a bat, I have two surgeries scheduled for this weekend, and the 13th. Greg graduates on the 12th. I'm currently laid up, and Ricky is babysitting me (wheeling me to the bathroom, popping me my meds, keeping me from bawling) and now I won't be able to go to graduation! I seriously just have been crying and crying and crying. Even if I could go I look absolutely HIDEOUS and have an ankle braced and one in plaster till saturday. Then after surgery I won't be able to do ANYTHING for weeks. No more dance rehersals or performance, no more work outs (which is what I do to keep my mind busy, I just run) no trip to the beach splashing in the waves, and no Gregory. No Gregory at all. I can't believe it. All this time I've been telling myself, "Jaime you'll see him in 8 weeks!" then 6 weeks, then 5, now its only two short weeks away! And what have I gotten myself into? I'm slurring my words through my swollen lips and being wheeled around my home by my gay best friend. I don't even know when I'll see him now. I don't even know how to tell him. I know hes going to be really upset I'm not coming. I would like to kick my own a-- right now, but it looks like i've already accomplished that. I just feel defeated, like God is punishing me for every bad thing I've ever done by making it impossible for me to go do the one thing i've been dying to do for almost two months. I feel like I just wanna give up. I hate my life.

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OMG, I'm so sorry this happened to you! I know easier said than done but, please feel better as soon as possible. Email me whenever if you need some encouragement. You can visit him in tech school, phase 3 is only 36 days after he starts it, then he will be free to come and go and show you a good time.

On the bright side, I'm sure he won't be mad that you can't be at graduation, and more concerned with the fact that you're alright. Everything will be okay. I know it!

aww im so sorry to hear that... but try to concentrate on getting better soon.. and hopefully then you will be able to go visit him at tech school.. we are all here for you if you need anything.

Awww hun I am so sorry! Don't feel too bad. He will completely understand that you can't come because of everything going on. You two will find a way to work it all out. And then you can go visit him in Tech when you heal up and you can stay way longer than graduation weekend. I hope you get to feeling better! Sometimes things just don't work out quite right and timing can be off. Best of luck to you! I know you can get through this tough time.

i'm sorry, really so so sorry.<br />
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but tech school visits are sooo much better! and you can go see him as soon as you have the free time. and since you have a surgery scheduled you can get a refund on a plane ticket for that weekend (if you've booked one) and he will completely understand. and tell him to buy a movie of all the ceremonies...i know it's not the same and i know none of this makes you feel better...but i promise it'll all be okay. soon you'll talk to him everyday and you'll see him and have him all to yourself and he can stay with you and all that good stuff when he's in tech. and you won't be laid up forever. you'll get better. maybe TRY to look at this as a little break? and'll have so much more time to talk to him whenever he can while he's in tech. you'll have that to look forward to everyday

awww! Feel better!!!! When he is at tech school he will be able to call you wayyyy more and if he has a webcam, you two can skype. Don't worry on missing graduation. You can start planning to visit him once he phases up at tech. That way too you will have more time with him! Hang in there and feel better!!!!

Oh no): That's the worst luck. I hope you feel better soon. Even though you can't go to your mans graduation you can still look forward to communicating with him a lot more than he was in BMT! Get well soon girl.

Oh hon, I'm so sorry to hear that! Just don't give up! I did once and it took me forever and a day to get back. Just remember that your man loves you and that you will see him, if not for graduation, very soon after. Concentrate on healing yourself and remember that you have a million girls supporting you!