2 Weeks

It's been over two weeks since I've heard from Jay. I usually always get letters on thursdays. I didn't expect one last thursday because he was in BEAST but kinda wanted one today): No phone call or anything. His family hasn't heard anything from him either. I'm sure nothings wrong because if there was he'd be able to make a phone call. I just wish his T.I would loosen up and let him): On a brighter note, I leave next wednesday to see him! I'm wicked excited. I wish this week would hurry up haha it's going by soooo slow!

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5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Be lucky you are getting letters. I got 1 out of the entire 8 weeks. And it wasn't until after Beast. They were good at Beast and that's the only reason they got to write. Some TI's are tough so just appreciate the communication you have

thanks girls you guys always know how to cheer me up(: and I know Becca it went by so fast I can't believe we see them in less than a week! Hopefully I get a letter/call before I go haha it'd just make me feel better :)

I get my letters on Thursday too!! But yes No news is good news. No worries. Im sure his perfectly fine. Make sure you go to graduation and come and tell us all how amazing it was!!

Awww, well maybe you'll get a letter tomorrow? I usually get my letters on Thursdays (they're always sent on Sundays/postmarked from San Antonio on Mondays) but one time I got one on Friday.<br />
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But either way, you'll see him in a week! Can you believe it? We'll be there soooo soon! It feels like just yesterday I was talking to you about getting our guys' addresses and stuff!

I'll tell you what i've been hearing; NO NEWS is good news. I havent heard from Logan in more than 2 wks. =( but I still write him all the time. I went into a state of panick; thinking the worse, but after being up here....it helps alot. I'm soooo happy for you! I know you'll be glad to see him. Just keep your head up, and have no worries. =)