Thursday Are My Lucky Days..

Heyyy Girls, I recieved a couple of letters from Richard. They were kind of down. He is stressed as an Element Leader. My poor baby. If the other trainees eff up then him && the other three Element leaders get the blaim. Also he is kind of sick of some of the other trainees. He also told me that he thinks about if he made the right decision on coming and he is soo sorry for leaving me and his family. Lol, he said he was going to run through graduation. He also got kind of sick && he had to get some medicine. I just wish I could hug him right now. But I went into Super AF Girlfriend mode!!! I wrote back and told him that he cant stress out!! I told him how much I love him && he made the best decision && he has no reason to feel bad for leaving me. I even admitted that..yea I cry and act like a brat alot about this...but deep down I really love it && Im going to be with him through thick and thin. He also told me when he went to church and prayed for me and him! that made my day!! I told him in my letter how much that means to me and Im soo proud of him. Then I said some more silly stuff to get him to smile...he says all his friends be looking at my pics and be say dammnnnnn thats your girl!!! lol. that makes his ego soo much bigger I know. But I hope I did a good job of making him feel better...

But just an update! I realllly want to do send some very encouraging things because he has BEAST coming up in two weeks. its the 6th week and not the 5th right??

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Im sorry hes all stressed and sick. Mine had the flu for weeks. Youre being a great Super AFGF by supporting him in your letters. I had to play that role a couple of times myself. ^_^