I haven't been with my boyfriend that long, But i have totally fallen for him since he has been gone. Is it like to let it show how much I like him?? I don't wanna seem clingy or anything.. You know?

By the way I'm Olyvia =]

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i was only with my boyfriend for 3 months before he left but we talked bout not stay with each other while hwas gone but we where both completely in love, so yess i think you should let him no esp. if he is in basic jeff told me the best thing that got him through was me telling him how nuch he ment to me.

hmm how long's not too long?<br />
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i was with my boyfriend for over 2 years before he left for basic so i can't relate but i say that letting him know your feelings is never a bad thing. but if it is a VERY new relationship then maybe don't make it too overly blunt like "OMG i'll die without you!" lol cause that might freak him out if you've only been together like a month or something. i think he'll really love hearing how much you like him and want to be with him and how you'll be faithful to him no matter how far away he is. any guy would love to hear that.