To My Helpful Ladies, I'm Still Bummed & Broken, But Better

Thankkk youuuuu ladieesss! While its comforting to have Ricky here by myside, its nice to have other people to support me and who actually understand. Ricky is amazing, I swear his gayness and compassion truely shines through my crappiest times. The guy can make me laugh while still wiping the snot and tears from my face. However, its really overwhelming when no one fully understands how important this visit was to me. You guys know how exciting it is to think about being able to hold your guy for once, to actually have him be a real figure in front of you. A few of my friends who were over last night and who dropped in this morning have just repeated everything I don't wanna hear: "You would only see him for 4 days anyways, its not a huge deal. Be more worried about your health. He'll be fine without you for just a few days, and you'll live." LIKE HELLENA HE'LL LIVE WITHOUT ME! I didn't need to hear that lol. Man. If i wasn't confined to this lovely wheel chair and too drugged to take a swing, I very well may have beat my friend Shannon to her doom. Which makes me feel semi horrible that I would have willingly kicked her a** since we've been friends for years. The pain is worse today, probably because my pain pills make me nauteous and Im not taking them very frequently. I'm waiting for a phonecall this weekend from Greg to tell him about my incident. But The point of this is: Girls, your comments and helpful words are SO greatly appreciated. I feel like dying both physically and emotionally, but I guess this will be my own form of bmt. I'll just have to work really hard to get through it. I go back into the dr today to go over what surgery will be like tomo. No food or drinks for me guys! (of course they'd take the last thing away from me I can do for myself, eat) Wish me luck in my first battle tomo. And pray I don't run over someone in my wheel chair out of anger. I LOVE YOU LADIES!

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

well itsgood to see you still have your humor.. =D & hey we wont tell if we hear of any accidents involving someone being ran over by a wheel chair.. haha good luck on your surgery tom. & i hope you get to see your airman soon..

My prayer are with you both, you two are so strong for being able to go through what you are. Both of you going to such difficult tasks simultaneously will make you an even better couple. Good Luck with everything dear...

ughhh friends and family who don't under are the worst = i'll come there and beat them up for you!!! lol that way you can still be friends and they'll just hate me =) haha but i know this will be so so hard for you. i was crushed the day i found out i wouldn't be able to go to william's graduation. i wanted to die. and i wasn't even injured. (but in the end i just up and fled and went anyway ha you can read my OLD stories about it if you wanna) but my point is we've all had that feeling where you find out you can't see him when you think and it feels like the world is ending. you have so much to deal with and the thing that pushes you over the edge is missing a chance to be with him and it breaks your heart. it WILL be hard and i'm so sorry this happened to you BUT i promise you that as soon as you heal (which you will) you can plan a trip ASAP to go visit him at his tech school and the second you are in his arms the world will be perfect again and nothing that has happened will matter. i know how upset you must be but try to just look forward to that moment. work on getting better FOR HIM. and by the time this weekend is better you will have your boyfriend back =) he will be there talking to you and helping you..maybe not physically but just hearing him will be so amazing. you'll be smiling everyday just thinking about talking to him! hang in there and good luck with your surgery!!

I am glad you're feeling better. Good luck with all your surgeries! Its good you have a support system at home! Before you know it, Greg will be ble to call you whenever he/you want. I hope you get a phone call soon!!!! My fingers are crossed for you! GOOD LUCK and FEEL BETTER!