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So today my babes is on his third day at Lackland. I've talked to my friends about how I've felt but most of em say negative things and have that look like they 'hear' me but aren't really 'listening'. This one girl even said "Just leave him! He's not worth your time! You need to just forget about him!". I wanted so badly to just punch her face so she'd fall and start crying (sorry if it sounds so mean). Instead I just laughed to myself because she and all those negative people have never had a love like me and Tre's and I know our love can conquer any hate that people have towards it. So ladies, whenever people are saying doubtful things that can perhaps make you start doubting your relationship, just laugh to yourself and know that they don't know what TRUE love is and are jealous of what we air force girlfriends have =). And whenever you start feeling lonely, just know that you're under the same sunny skies and starry nights as he is =) (and thats also what I told my hunny bear in a letter). Even tho I really don't know you ladies, I love you all and appreciate the encouragement and supportiveness you all have shown towards me. I hope to give you all the same =) Your Friend Always~De'Ja

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those girls are so wrong. when my boyfriend left thats what everyone said, hunny dont listen to them. if you really love him i promise it will work, befor my boyfriend left his cousin told us bout how he was head over heals bout the girl he was with but found a new girl when he left for the service, and my boyfriend just said dont believe them and i didnt and its been bout 8 months and we are still together basic was the worst cause you dont get to talk alot but if you can make it through that i think you can make it through alot. just hang in there towards the end it get so easier :D

i would suggest writing everyday. I spoke to my friend who is in the air force and she said there will be some weeks where they wont get our letters right away because once the letter arives at lackland they have to sort it and it can take a few days. so its hard for them every day when they dont get a letter, and then when their t.i. finally hands out mail and they get more then one letter, it lets them know we didnt forget about them. it just sucks not knowing when they are receiving our letters and not knowing when they will be able to right back. when i talked to my bf today he said he probably wont get the privelege to write letters for another 2 weeks or so, he said i can start sending him letters but he doesnt know when they will actually start giving them to him.

Most DEFINITELY WRITE its almost therapeutic to tell him everything thats on your mind and to cheer him on. Your man will adore the fact that you havent forgotten about him (how could we ever do that though? lol) and you will feel good knowing hes holding something you put your heart into.

ohh yes...WRITE WRITE WRITE! i literally wrote 2 to 4 letters in an average day! and probably sent 100 pics! lol but some MTIs don't like that many pics =p my boyfriend's TI just looked through them all and asked him when we were getting married lol. but writing seriously helps our boys so much.<br />
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and deja....you have such an amazing perspective for it only being the first week your boyfriend is gone =) i really admire it. just make sure you keep that positive attitude because it really is what gets us through =) and we are the lucky ones. we're the girls who've found a love most people never find and of course we'll hold onto it at all costs! plus the men we love just happen to be the strongest, bravest, and most noble men out there! lol

Renzat, I don't think we'd be able to stop talking if we could do that =) I know myself that I can talk for days at a time :) It would've been lovely tho to have been able to do so.

Renzat, write EVERYDAY! When my boyfriend was in basic I sometimes wrote him twice a day. Every time he called me and every letter I got he always begged me not to stop writing him and to send him more pictures. lol He still tells me that my letters were the only things that got him through basic. He's been in tech school for two months now and he still reads my letters when he gets homesick :) So no! A letter everyday isnt too much AT ALL!

I dont feel so alone anymore either :) too bad we can't go grab coffee and chat it up lol. Zach's flight # is 291. Is it too much to write a letter everyday? lol

To renzat:<br />
I hope so too. When I looked up a BMT in Lackland video on youtube, it looks brutal and so meticulous but I know our men can handle it =)<br />
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To hmb1290:<br />
Lucky! Before my babes left, his recruiter said phone calles won't be until Sunday or later =( I've written him everyday but unfortunatly still don't have an address. And when I do find out his flight number, I'll be sure to post it. <br />
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To both: <br />
It's great to know that we're all going thru the same thing at the same time, doesn't make me feel so alone anymore =)

Also my boyfriends 3rd day at lackland. I finally got a short phone call from him today to give me his address, so Im excited to start writing him letters. And ive learned to just tune all of the negative people out because in the end when our relationships are still going strong and our men have made us proud they are going to be the ones saying "Damn, i wish i have what they have!". Do you know what flight your boyfriend is? I wonder if theyre together? Im glad I have these girls to talk to who know exactly what I'm going through, it really helps alot. I just cant wait to start getting letters from him!

I love this. You've voiced exactly what I'm feeling. I hope our boys are staying strong down there