Got a phone call (: and a letter all on the same day haha! But I can't read the letter yet because he sends it to my house then my dad overnights it to me college. Well anyways, I guess everyone in his flight passed their PT test so they have like 2 hours of free time to do whatever they want. These guys are on facebook, call their girlfriends, eating candy out of the vending machines haha it's crazy! I just talked to jay for a full hour then he gave his phone to another guy b/c that guy doesn't own a phone and wanted to make a phone call. He's so sweet(: Anyways, I'm talking to his bunkmate on facebook right now. Crazy right? Never thought I'd be talking to someone who is in BMT on facebook lol. I'm sooo happy girls and I can't wait for graduation next week!!! :D

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Yeah I dont think theyre allowed to be on computers just yet. I remember when my bf called me the week before Grad. He was on someone's phone trying to look for me on facebook. That didnt work out to well. lol. But he did call me which is nice. Congrats on making it through!! ^_^

I'm not sure haha this guy was just using the internet on his phone.

That is so Awesome!!!! Do they have computers for them to use?

P.S He is still the same old jay I can tell (: I asked him what civilian things might bother him and he said nothing really. He said he would prob try to walk in sync with me and if he saw me texting/on the phone with someone while walking he might point it out because they aren't aloud to do that haha or eating while walking also. (: