This Is Hard... :(

sometimes i wish i had someone who feels the same way as i do. like i know that some girls have it worse than me my boyfriend isnt deployed yet, but he will be and that scares me. i wish he could just be here or i could be with him cause it would make our relationship so much easier. girls from here try to talk to him all the time which makes me mad and makes us fight even though i know he doesnt like them i kinda wish he was all to me. all my friends think im stupid for dating him while he is so far away but he is literally the nicest boy to me and i dont think i would ever find anyone better. whenever we started dating i knew he was goin into the airforce but i thought he was goin to come home way more than he does. while he was in basic everyone said we wouldnt last but i really think we will. some days i miss him so much it hurts and now that he has started mid night shift its hard to even talk to him. his friend just got married and his wife moved down there and im so jealous of his friends that are married case they get to be with each other all the time. i cant wait till that day comes for me. all my friends complain when they dont see there boyfriends for a day, and i sit there and just wanna say listen i never get to see my boyfriend so shut it but then i dont i just listen to them complain cause if i say that it will become drama central. i think me being in highschool and my boyfriend being in the airforce has made me grow up i dont feel like im in that much drama anymore and i keep to myself more than i did before. i have lost many friends through this experience but i have also gained friends that are immature and dont complain so much. i really do love being an airforce girlfriend i just wish it was easier than it is.

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i have another year of highschool too, and in plus my mom moved away this summer so im growing up alot.. and missing out on alot of high school stuff.. it kinda sucks..i just started this last nigth and i already amd feeling alot better you girls are awesome!

I have another freaking year of high school after this one and I hate it. My friends are sort of a mix of "oh my boyfriend is away for the day" kind of girls and the "omg I feel so sorry for you/ It must suck to be you" kind. I honestly don't know which I hate worse. But I found out that these girls on EP are always understanding and I love them for that!

I am having like the exact same situation as you are! In high school and being forced to mature a lot faster. It is hard, really hard. I feel your pain.

Yeah, I'm studying abroad in London right now, so I have no friends here that know my situation. And the few girls I've become friends with, who don't know the whole story, at least recognize that it must be hard. But also, my best best friend and I, our relationship has definitely changed with her just not getting why I'm doing this. Its hard. I really have only you EP girls as friends sometimes. But I love everyone here with all my heart. They're the best and we all understand or can actually imagine what it's like if we haven't been there yet. And with missing him, I miss my boy so much it hurts. Being here has kept me really busy but I still manage to miss him something awful. It's terrible and I feel weak because of it. But we all miss our boys a lot. One day, all this waiting and aggravation will pay off and we'll feel like time flew. In the meantime just try to have fun and the gaps between time you talk to him wont feel as long.

I'm not gonna repeat what you've already read. Just know you're not alone. We all empathize.

i know this is so difficult imjust having one of those nigths when all you want is him home.. just someone to be with.. uhh.

You are not alone in this fight hun we here for you whenever you need it.

there are definitely sooo many girls who feel the way you do. it's so hard to be apart and even harder to not have any friends or family members who actually get it! i never wanted to punch anyone in the face until william left for basic and people started "comparing" their relationships to mine or i just had to listen to a girl whining because he boyfriend went to college an hour away. ughhh! so annoying and aggrivating and ignorant! lol but you can always vent on here and the time you spend away from him is only temporary! and it is sooo amazing when our guys are home =)

its just agravating to hear it al the time, like oh you cant see him for one day get over yoursef.. idk i can not wait to him again, it makes me the happiest girl when he is home :D

I definitely know how hard it can be for other girls to understand. One of my best, best friends (she's actually my bridesmaid) had to be apart from her boyfriend for 5 hours one night when we were at a party, and she was sooo upset. I wanted to punch her. But you definitely do learn to keep quiet, therefore making you get out of the drama, and grow up a lot more. You're not stupid for dating him while he's far away. They're stupid for telling you that. I know you miss him so bad it hurts but find ways to keep busy and time will (kind of) fly until the next time you get to see him! :)