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So this question kind of pertains to those of you who got married on RAP. Most of you know Brent is at Sheppard, and all the bullshit that comes with that, but our wedding is April 17th. Brent graduates from Sheppard March 22nd and has 10 work days of training in Arkansas before he comes home. We figured that maybe if his training starts the 29th (at the latest) he would be done with the training by April 9th and be home for RAP sometime in the week between the 10th and 17th(the wedding day). So far, this really seems ideal.

But did any of you girls have any delays on when your airmen came home after training for RAP?

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I think I worded that wrong.. not training for RAP, but training before RAP lol

Haha Nikki, yeah, saying prayers is pretty much all we can do at this point, with so much of it already being paid for. He actually got his instructor to call Little Rock AFB and see if they are delayed at all. Brent and I talked a lot about it and said even if they are delayed, he may be able to make it home as early as (well, as late as) the 16th of April or the morning of the 17th.. the day of the wedding. Haha. In some ways I think it would be freaking AWESOME if I did not see him until the wedding day... that might make it like 83264832x more exciting and romantic. But I know if he is home early, like the 13th or so... that I will want to see him after waiting so long... so we'll seeee! :)

hmmm the worst thing is that graduation from tech at sheppard is like never a guaranteed thing. there are all kinds of delays that can happen OR they can even push them through earlier than expected like they did william. but i think that the way you planned it out is pretty great...and that it would be insanely unlucky for him to not be home by your wedding day. so maybe try to relax a little and say a few prayers? lol as for the post tech school training...i have no clue lol. but i figure it's probably a pretty set thing. i'd think the only issue would be the day it starts.