I Finally Got A Phone Call After 2 1/2 Weeks. =d

Logan called me. =D. Just about 10 mins ago, while I was deep conditioning my hair. I'm glad I had my phone with me. He told me that they effed up last week, so their phone priiveleges were taken away. He also said that he's still an element leader, but he no longer gets any sleep. He sounds...different; but I still know my man's voice. lol. That had to be the best 5 mins of my life. =D. He told me I better do better in school, and what's taking so long on his airhead. Lol. He said he sent information about graduation and I need to make sure that he has everybodys info. Boy am I relieved. SO as it stands, I have 19 more days until I see Pooders (he hates his nickname; lol). I'm excited. 


He told me to make sure I keep writing. DONT stop writing. Write Write Write. And that next week is BEAST week, so dont get discouraged if he cant write back like clockwork.

Happy Joy Joy

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4 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Thank you girls!!! Yall are all making it alot easier for me.

yayyyy..glad he is doing good!!!

awww yeah it's hard and crazy stressful for them but so glad you got a call! and you are nearing the end =)

Glad you got that call! And letters make the airman so happy....