Is He Getting My Letters?

My boyfriend has been in basic training for 4 days now. I got a phone call yesterday that was about 3 minutes long and he gave me his address, so Im definetely relieved that I can finally start writing to him. I mailed out a few letters yesterday and will keep mailing one each day. When will he actually get to read my letters though? It sucks just sitting here waiting not knowing how long its going to be until he gets to read what Im saying and it sucks not knowing how long it will be until I get my first letter. Hopefully things will get easier for me once I start receiving letters. And how much time will he have to read my letters? How often will he get to send me a letter? Will his letters be short because he won't have much time? I just want to know that hes missing me and wanting to talk to me... Its hard to think I still have 8 weeks of this left :(

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

My hubby got to read my letters within the second week, but I didn't get one from him til about the 3rd week. It really does depend on his TI. But definitely make sure you write him EVERY DAY! He will appreciate it!

Eh. This all depends on his TI. I got my first letter at the beginning of week 3. And I got at least two every week after that. The week before he graduated I got five at once! But he would sneak most of these. He'd read and write them after lights out and then slip them in the mailbox on the way to church. Sometimes his TI would give them their letters, but not let them open them. For some reason, if the trainees thought they had pictures, the TI would let them open them. So Nick would say he got a picture just so he could read them lol Some of them were very short, about a page long. Because he was rushing through it so he wouldnt get caught, or because he was just super tired. My longest was two pages. His TI wouldnt let them write very often at first.. Which is why he had to sneak so many. But as the weeks went by his TI loosened up and I started getting a lot more letters and phone calls. It all depends on how their TI is. But I can GUARANTEE he's ALWAYS thinking about you and wanting to talk to you! So dont give up! Keep on sending him those letters and keep them positive :) My boyfriend has been in tech school for almost two months now and he still reads my letters when he's feeling homesick. Time seems to go by a lot quicker once you hear from him :)

after the fist week i got bout one letter a week. i only got calls like veryother week cause he called his mom on the weekends he didnt get to cal me. i think they have time befor bed to write but you wont get as many letter as you sed him. i hope things get better if you need someone to talk to ill listen cause i know it hard.