I'm Getting Married!

I guess the title says it all :-) We are just going to elope and then after we have some money saved up, have the big fun party with the big *** wedding dress! I can't wait to be his wife and grow old with this man!!! I love you baby!

erdriscoll erdriscoll
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7 Responses Feb 28, 2010

it's looking like the big day is going to be on the 15th (if our friends can get off work to come down and be witnesses). Trying to get him to wear something other than jeans, t-shirt and his Bobcats hat :(

Congratulations on the big M!!!!!!!

We are going to do it while he on leave in march. I'm hoping for a St. Patricks day wedding (since I'm a little Irish gir) and maybe it will bring us a long lucky marrige!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Sooooo exciting! Make sure you fill us in on all the details!

thanks girls! I'm heading up to the jewelers tomorrow to see about resetting a ring that has a stone that I love and I have to start looking for something to wear to the courthouse! I am sooooo excited!!!!

AHHHHYEAAAHHHHHHH!!!! this gives me hope darlin! IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! haha, and when you get the big *** dress u better let us know!

omgosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited for you! that's great news! :) CONGRATULATIONS!