Oh No.

today im trying to be in a good mood for jeff but really im so hurt inside. like its like he would rather play his xbox than talk to me?? maybe im just going crazy but i was just on the phone with him and he played the xbox instead of talking to me. and the last night was telling me about how his friends wants him to go have sex with other girls.. which makes me so uncomforitable.. and then when i told him he could do whatever cause if he wanted them i didnt want to be with him cause it seemed like he wanted to go. he flipped and was like why do you think im goin to cheat on you. and i trust him but i think if his friends try hard enough he will. so maybe that means i dont trust him. his friends drink all the time and cheat onthere wives and girlfriends which before jeff left for the airforce he would never have even thought of hanging out with people like that, he hates drinking cause his dad is an alcoholic and he doesnt believe in cheating but i think he has changed from the way he used ot be. i know he drinks sometimes which i dont care bout drinking but i wish he wouldnt lie to me bout it. and i really hope he will never cheat on me.. i just dont know what to do long distance is so hard, i hope we can pull through it.

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no he isnt i think i just think of the worse and its in my head so thats what makes me worry. now that you girls have talked to me i dont think he would cheatt im just goofy for thinking that.

i agree with that if he wasn't the type to cheat before then he won't now. and just let him know that you don't mind if he does go out sometimes and drink...as long as he's always honest with you. and just let him know that you worry about him cause you love him. most all of my boyfriend's friends were single and over 21 so i know how it feels. his roommate also cheated on his girlfriend like every week. but my boyfriend hasn't drank at all while he's been at tech school because he's underage and doesn't want to get in trouble and he would never even dance with another girl, let alone cheat on me. no matter what his friends are doing...it doesn't mean he is. i think the only way you should be worried is if he was the type to just go along with the crowd and lie about it before he left....but from what you said it doesn't sound like he is.

Oh my gosh, XBOX and other male friends. They attempt to kill relationships. Just tell him that you are you're uncomfortable about this and that you feel neglected. I hope things work out for you.

i think i think of what ifs too and jeff always tells me he will never cheat on me. so i should believe him. i wish jeff was still at sheppard, then they could all be friends and we would have no worries haha, and the xbox does save him from goin out so maybe i do like it hahha. you girls are like my second mind when i think something bad you guys give me the positive thank you so much, im so glad i found this website. hehe thank you soo muchh.

Ahahaha! I love it!!

We really really do. Ha! I feel like such a mom.

Make him be friends with Jeremy too!!!! They can all play like, Bioshock 2 together. Ahahaha

Oy I type so much. Sorry....lol

I can understand the xbox thing. I can always tell when he's playing it because suddenly there's a 20 minute gap between our text messages. SO FRUSTRATING. I actually held it together really well for a while because I realize there's absolutely NOTHING to do at Sheppard (which is where he is for tech) so he bought an xbox to give him something to do....and I'd MUCH rather him play video games then go out and do something stupid. But I lost it last night. He switched to mids so I barely get to talk to him during the week. And I was upset because I felt like even on the weekends he'd rather do that then talk to me. But after I vented to him how I was feeling I felt a lot better, and then I felt bad lol . All I can really say to that is, we as girlfriends cant really expect them to do absolutely nothing but talk to us all of the time. I mean, I know we all really want that lol, but its selfish of us. The video game thing is a distraction from the stress of classes and a good way for our boys to relax. I mean, they ARE boys. Killing fake video game characters relaxes them lol Or at least, thats how I see it.<br />
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As for the cheating thing, the Air Force doesnt change a person. If he cheats its because thats the kind of person he was to begin with. The foundation for a long distance relationship is trust. Ive caught myself thinking "what if's". Like, what if he's talking to other girls? What if when he's off base he's not really going to the mall? Ect. And then I KICK myself because I KNOW he's not off doing that. I trust Nick more than anything and I know he loves me and would never do something like that. But Im also secretly thankful for the xbox because it means he spends the majority of his time in his room. Lol. The distance just gets to me sometimes and, being the girl that I am, I over analyze things. And when I express these feelings to Nick, he gets SO hurt because he would never do something like that. I think, if he wasnt that type of guy before he joined, he wouldnt be one now. I dont think the Air Force can change somebody's core values. Have you tried talking to him about all of this? Like, just a phone session or whatever where you just spill your heart out and tell him everything? Im sure if you two did that, you'd feel a HELL of a lot better and he would know how you feel about what he's doing. He's a boy. Boys arent very good a reading emotions. They need a little help :)

Well, I'm pretty sure Jeremy's mom sent him his xbox to him at Tech so if there were any chance of me talking to him, I'll probably lose it with that. Even before he left, he'd go days playing a new game and I'd barely hear from him. But with these guys friends, you should talk to him. Just be sweet and say you love him and make sure he doesn't cheat. Maybe if he feels you don't care then he'll feel like he should cheat as revenge. I don't know. I don't know the type of guy he is, if he was the type to cheat before then he will. If he said he would never then maybe he would never, if he's the type of person that wont, the air force wont change that. Just try to talk to him any chance you have. I had long distance before the AF and it was really hard, so I completely understand. Maybe set up some sort of check up. If either of you go out you have to call eachother when you get home, not matter what time. My cousin and her boyfriend do that, they're long distance, and they're really good at it.