Not So Happy Anniversary

Okay so I need to know if I'm overreacting about this because I'm really annoyed, and slightly pissed off. So, todays our aniversary and last night we stayed on skype til midnight and then went to bed. I usually wake up to a text from him but not today, so I texted him, and two hours later no reply. So I texted again, and still nothing. Now its like 2pm and I just got this text "I'm about to lift weights so I'm not going to be able to talk sorry.... Then I've got stuff to do after that.. I wont be able to talk till late tonight". Which really upset me so I sent back, "Oh ok :( well nice talking to you :( happy anniversary" and then he said "no need to be rude, sorry for being busy"

I didn't reply and my feelings are hurt, this is so stupid :( I know I'm probably overreacting but seems like he's being mean for no good reason.
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Well that's good to hear. We knew he'd come through :) hah

Well in his defense he did say happy anniversary thats why we stayed up, and its no really a one any way just 2 years 5 months, so i did blow everything a TINY BIT out of proportion. <br />
<br />
He finally did text me again , and I ignored him which made him wake up I and realize i was upset. So he apologized and explained that he was stressed and worried about his upcoming block test, and wanted to just relax and hang out with his friends. I just wish he would have explained it this morning, but its over now and all is well again. Thank you guys sooooooooooooo much :) Its amazing having such a great support system to come too!

I went through that pretty much with valentines day and you saw my reaction with that..... I bet he's just really stressed, busy and tired. Just give it some time and talk to him about how your feeling later, Im SURE he'll come around.

i'd be upset too....but i've found that it's always better to tell our guys nicely what we want. like saying "i really just wanna talk to you. please call me as soon as you can. i wanted to wish you a happy anniversary" because if they are stressed an answer like that will make them want to talk to us about it a lot more than if we act irritated (even if we are) i always try to remember that william needs time to hang out with other guys just so he can relax and then that i need to try to listen to him as much as possible when we talk so i can try to help him, and then after that let him know how i'm feeling and he'll want to help me feel better. but i mean it is your anniversary and he was being pretty mean. so i'd bring it up tonight but in as nice a way as possible.

I would be pretty upset too if I were you. I don't think you're overreacting. I mean he didn't even say "happy anniversary" back and saying sorry like that doesn't sound very sincere. It kinda sounds to me like he doesn't care or something. I'm sure that's not it though. Maybe he was tired from staying up last night, and is just stressed or something and really does feel bad. Idk, but I hope it all gets better for you later tonight! Let us know how it goes.

id get way pissed at that cause he should be able to put in atleast a little time just to talk to you..

I dont think you're over reacting at all, to be honest. I'd get pretty irritated if something like that happened to me too. But Im sure its just stress? Maybe he didnt text you this morning because he was still asleep. Nick didnt get up until THREE PM Texas time yesterday. So I sat around all morning thinking he was like, mad at me or something silly. The weekends are their time to be super lazy and I know they all take full advantage of that. Haha. Also, and this is just from my experience, whenever Nick messes up or does something that upsets me he gets really mad at himself about it and in return is bitter towards me. Not because he wants to be, but because he's embarrassed and feeling bad and he's a silly boy and thats how he acts. Lol Maybe the anniversary slipped his mind and once he realized it he was embarrassed, or whatever, so he lashed out? Idk. You know your guy better than anybody. And I definitely agree with Allie. Maybe he's just in a "I hate the world" mood today. But I do think you have a right to be upset about what he did. And I would confront him about it as soon as you're able to talk to him. Hopefully his little work out session will get rid of whatever stress he's feeling :)

It does seem a bit weird. Like why has his tone suddenly changed? I think the best thing to do is something we always have to do - wait it out. I know I have days where I just hate life for no reason and am mean to people who don't deserve it. It happens, and it could just be awful timing that this is your anniversary. I'd say to see if it persists. But its definitely something to watch out for, you have a right to be slightly... not worried.. but you know what I mean. (Wow, I'm awful with words tonight. lol) But wait and see if its something that keeps up. I really don't think its anything against you though, he's probably just taking it out on you, whatever it is thats on his mind.