Sooo Happy!!!

So, Michael just called and we got to talk for 8 minutes! I am so happy!!! Only 17 days til I get to see my baby!! He says he loves it! I am so proud of him! I told him I was coming down there so he was pretty excited about that! :) He doesn't seem like he has changed at all so that's good! This coming week is BEAST week so I know it's going to be tough but rewarding for him! What should I wear for graduation? What are the curfew rules like for that weekend? Ahhhhh! I am so excited!

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i am very familiar with bi-polar weather :) lol i live in SC...yesterday it was snowing; today I was wearing flip flops! i will make sure to take la<x>yers with me just in case! thanks girl!

Oh! And dress for all kinds of weather! Nick graduated the second weekend in January and the first two days it was SO cold and there was a FREEZING wind blowing. I had to wear tons of la<x>yers and gloves and wrap myself in blankets lol But the last two days it was REALLY nice outside and I wore flip flops and whatnot. So be prepared for all kinds of weather. Texas is kind of bi-polar lol

awesome!! thanks girl! i think i am going to wear a cute dress for the graduation ceremony but then dress casual the rest of the time. i don't dress up a lot so i think he will like it if i do for his graduation :) and i will def wear comfy shoes! thanks for lettin me know bout the games and stuff! he sounded so happy

i agree you will be on your feet alot wear comforitable shoes it was hot while i was down there so i wors a nice skirt and a nice tank top the first day and some little highheels not a good choice..

YAY!! You're so close! Dress casual! You're going to be on your feet a lot. The only time I really put a whole bunch of effort into my outfit was on Thursday because Im silly and I felt like I needed to impress him lol And then again on Sunday because we went to church. But Friday and Saturday I just wore jeans and cute tops. The curfew thing varies between the squadrons. Nick had to be back by 7 every night and 6 on Sunday. BUT. We went to a basketball game Friday night, and when you do that they're allowed to stay out until the game is over. So he was out until midnight that night :) They also had a hockey game going on on Saturday. They usually try and find things like that for the Airman and their families to do and then they sell the tickets on base. So try and go to one of those! You're going to have a blast!