A Few Updates :)

Hey ladies :)

I dont post a lot of my own stories on here anymore....mostly because if I have a question about the Air Force I just ask Nick. Lol. But I try my hardest to keep up with everyone's and put my two cents in, especially since a lot of girls seem to disappear once their guy hits tech school. The last big story I posted on here wasnt too....happy...okay it was a complete meltdown. Ha. So I just wanted to touch base with you lovely ladies and give a few updatessss. I apologize now if this turns into a novel. I tend to do that :P

That last big freak out was definitely the LAST one. For those of you who missed it, he basically let the stress of his first block test get to him. He underestimated himself and listened to horror stories about people not passing. He had a mini meltdown and basically tried to end things with me. HA. I wasnt having it. I honestly think it scared him more than it did me. He always goes out of his way now to remind me how much I mean to him. What really got me was during a GI party the other night; he squirmed off to his room and sent me a text that said, “Im not done yet. But I miss you and just want you to know that Im thinking about you.” It made my heart melt :) Ohhhh that boy. He’s been doing great in class! 92 on his first block (the one that he FREAKED out about. Oy.) And a 98 on his last one! Which was the highest in his class. Im dating a border line genius. Hahaha. He started mid shifts this last week :( Which means he’s in class from 11pm – 7 am. Then he goes to PT for an hour. He does this Sunday-Thursday. Poor guy is so tired. I feel terrible :( I know he’s going to get used to it though. He sleeps while Im in class and we talk at night before he has to go to class. And we still Skype on the weekends. So its not too bad on my end. Our biggest stress with each other these days is the fact that he STILL cant beat my Bejeweled score on Facebook. Haha. For those of you who have seen that war.

We found out that his first duty station will be Luke AFB in Arizona. Number three on his dream sheet! This is great news for me up here in Oregon. Not too far away :) And its super cheap for me to fly down there. Yes…I looked up ticket prices the second he told me. Lol. I plan on spending my summers with him until I get my degree and we’re married. Only three more years for that :P He graduates from Sheppard in mid May. And then he actually goes to Luke for 3 more weeks to finish up his training. Which is another awesome thing! Since he’s just going to be stationed there afterwards, he’s not going to have to do a bunch of moving after he’s home on RAP for 15 (!!) days.

Our "1 year" is tomorrow :) He says I have a present in the mail that Im, "going to go absolutely ape s**t over" Lol Sooooo Im excited to see what that may be...but also really nervous. Nick is....a jokester? He's kind of....off...and....weird? Lol I heart hiiiiiim though. We share the same brain sometimes. So who knows what it'll be haha He's hinted at jewelry...so Im excited :P


I also want to say how much I truly love you girls. Im also a part of an Air Force girlfriend group on Facebook and there are some MEAN girls on there. Nothing like what we have going on here. We’re all so close knit on here and I know that really helps a lot. You girls have been with me through some of my roughest times and you’ve been happy with me through my happiest. So thank you :) All of you. You girls rock!


I hope everything is going well for you lovely ladies! And welcome to all of the new girls :) It’s a new week so I hope all of our bmt girls get lots of phone calls and letters! My fingers are crossed!

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Haha aww thanks Allie :) Nick wasnt in phase 2 very long....I dont think...it didnt seem like very long. Lol. But in phase 2 you're allowed to use your phone outside of the dorm when you're off duty hours (like, in the chow hall or walking to the store), you're allowed to wear civilian clothes outside of the dorm when you're off duty hours, you're able to go off base, and your curfew is extended a little. The only difference between phase 2 and 3 is in phase 3 you really dont have a curfew. Instead of having to check in at night and then again in the morning, you just have to check in in the morning. Im sure there's more that comes along with it. But those are just the basics :)

Question, what new privileges come with being in Phase 2? I'm a compete creeper in this convo, but you guys mentioned Phases made me wonder. And since I don't have Jeremy to ask... (insert frustrated sound here). Anyway, yay I love this update! I'm so jealous in a good way (lol) at how well things are going for you. You two are adorable and deserve to have your relationship this strong. If that makes sense. I'm really glad you made that boy smarten up when he thought you two needed to break up, I wish I had to convincing skills to do that. lol Congrats on one year! I can't wait to hear what your gift was. Haha

Not loved?!? Psh! You know I love you! Lol<br />
<br />
Nick is actually already in phase 3. I really really wanted to fly out there to spend time with him over my spring break....but the tickets just for the plane from here in Oregon to there are so ridiculously expensive for only 3 days :( But I havent given up hope yet! We're still looking for anything less expensive. And if our search fails, it'll be okay. Lol Since he's going to be stationed pretty close and the tickets from Oregon to Arizona are so much cheaper. That way I wont have to worry about any stupid tech school rules and I can have him all to myself :) And he only has four more months of tech before being home for 15 days. I survived 2 months of bmt with little to no contact...I think I can survive four months with constant contact lol :)

First and for most, I want to say that I dont feel LOVED at all DEVON! Sheeeesh! Lol. Ok (deep breath) I feel a lot better. Lol.<br />
But its really good to hear that Nick is doing well!! Im proud of him =) Do you plan on visiting him when he hits phase 3 of Tech?? I know you probably are! And Nick is completely lucky on his base!! My friend AJ (who just got back from Tech School) didnt get any base on his dream sheet...soo that gives me hope that Richard will get placed somewhere on his sheet! But anywho..I loveddddd when you said..."..basically tried to end things with me. HA. I wasnt having it."..LMAO..that is something I would have told Richard *** for sure!! lol <br />
<br />
but anywho glad things are going good for you..soo happy for you =)

Hahah, I don't think you're a creeper at all! I read yours as well, you crack me up, lol. Being an AFGF is really frustrating sometimes though. But in the end, all the sacrifices we make are definitely worthwhile! When we're feeling down, our boys somehow always find a way to make it up to us :)

We do get to talk a lot and sometimes I really dont realize how good I have it. Him being on mids has cut our talk time in half and sometimes it's really frustrating and it takes a lot for me not to say something because I know its not his fault and I know he's wanting to talk to me too. So I just bite my tongue and tell myself that it could be worse lol<br />
<br />
I definitely have a love/hate relationship too haha. Especially when it comes to trying to plan out our future...or even trying to make plans for when he's home on RAP because I have NO idea when he'll actually be home for sure. Soooo frustrating. But like you said, I have my days where I loooove the Air Force because its been so good for the both of us....so far. Ha. And I did read that story and I loved it. I see you and Jordan talking on Facebook, like through status's (Im a creeper. Ha. Sorryyy) And you two are soooooo cuuuute. Lol I love it!

You're welcome! That's super awesome. I have a love/hate relationship with the Air Force. lol Sometimes I love how strong it's made us, and idk if you read a previous story of mine, but it also saved our relationship. So if he hadn't joined, we probably wouldn't even be together. But other times, I just reaaally hate it, hah. I'm sure you have those days too.

It sounds as though you two talk a lot. Thats SOOOOO great! This means your man actually knew he would need his cell phone; smart man. lol. Im so glad things are working out for you Devon! And keep writing those long updates they keep me occupied. lol.

Ah Nikki, Nick woke up with a cold yesterday and he's convinced he's dying lol He jumped up and went to the store and bought like, four cartons of orange juice and a bunch of cold and sinus pills. Haha. Soooooo dramatic that boy. But he's always talking about how nice it is outside, so Im sure his little cold is just a result of being so tired. He's slowly getting used to it, and so am I. So thats good :) I just hope he isnt on mids the WHOLE time he's at Sheppard.<br />
<br />
Mariah, thank you! We're super happy. I actually dont think Ive ever been happier with our relationship :) THANK YOUUUU Air Force lol

I know what you mean about the whole disappearing after tech school. I wish I knew of this site while my boy was in basic cause I'm sure I would've been posting stories like everyday, lol. But now, like you, I just ask Jordan everything, so I don't really have much to say on here. It's good to hear how wonderful you two are doing though :) I'm glad things are workin out for you girl!

awwww devon sooo cute =) you are SOOOOO freakin unbelievably lucky nick got based so close! lol ok so maybe a little bitterness came out there =p hehe no j/k, i'm too happy for you to be jealous! but i'm so glad that he's doing well and i know how mid shift goes. the worst part is william was always SOOO sick. i mean it would be under 20 degrees when he marched to class in the dark and the wind would blow so hard and he was constantly sick and so tired. then weekends would come and he'd completely change his sleep schedule so he could be awake during the day. poor kid = i always felt so bad for him! i hope nick has better luck and doesn't get sick! it is A LOT warmer down there now than it was in december and january so that's good.

Ahhh Danielle you're so awesome! I definitely have my fingers crossed that he gets Sheppard! And if he does, we'll definitely come up with a plan for them to meet. Muahahaha.<br />
<br />
OH! And.....ting ting ting ting :D

Hey! That wasnt TOO long! Success.