Are My Letters Too Long?

Sorry I have so many questions. I have been writing my boyfriend everyday and my letters are always sooo long. Like 3-6 pages. I just have so much to say and writing seems to be the only way to feel like I'm talking to him. Will he even have time to read that much every night? Tomorrow is his first week technically since he was there last week but that was just zero week. Most people said he should get to write a letter by week 3 (is that 3 weeks including week zero?) I've started sending his letters but am curious as to when he will be able to read them. Will they hold all of his letters until he is able to write back (say week 3)...Or will they start giving them to him as soon as they get there and just not let him write back right away? This is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through and time is going by sooo slow. I wish he would get to call again, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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thanks everyone! when do they have time to read pages and pages of letters though? I cant imagine their T.I. giving them that much time to read 15 pages of my letters lol.

i dated every letter so he wouldnt get confused. but it depends on the TI on how much he will get to write. Toby wrote alot but his friend said that his TI wouldnt let him write at all. he had to sneak letters to other flights to have them mailed off.

There is no such thing as a long letter, just keep in mind that you may not get answers to any questions you put in the letters right away, if at all. Michael had so many letters at BMT from me that he actually had to go to his MTI & say "Sir, AB Conners reports as ordered. Sir, may I put some of my letters from my security drawer into my backpack?" hahaha! But he loved it! I made sure to number the letters so even if they were out of order, he would be able to figure it out.

no letter is too long!! when i first got Michael's address i sent 7 letters all about 3 pages long!! he loved getting them and reading them! when i talked to him yesterday he said he doesn't get mail on the weekends and def send pictures! time will start to go by faster after the first 2-3 was going by really slow for me and now i only have 2 weeks to go so just keep busy and stay positive!! good luck and I'm here if ya need to talk!

Write as much as possible!! Daily, I write about 3 to 5...on a stressful day 6pages!! Lol. but they will appreciate it! And they do alot of sneaking of reading and writing.

write alot they love it.. my letters where always super long..

I was wondering these same things! Zach follows sports a lot, especially hockey. So since the Olympic hockey game for the gold was on today, I printed off the results and the article talking about it to send to him. I hope he has time to read that plus my letter! lol Ive written a letter everyday so far and I am sooooooo anxious to hear from him!

He'll get them right away! Write as much as you can! Believe me, he loooooves reading them. And whether they're allowed to read them every night depends on his TI. Nick only got my letters once a week, but when he got them he got like, 5 at a time lol