He Graduatedd! Yay.

Sorry I haven't been on in a while ladies! My internet has been on the fritz..and i've pretty much been a mess of emotions for the whole week :). Good and Bad. But I made it through basic! He graduated this past friday, and has talked to me for about an hour each night. It's pretty much been heaven! Like today for instance, he's been calling from pay phones since he hasn't had his cell phone turned back on yet..and his phone card ran out because I dropped call every like 3 times and he had to keep calling me back. Normally wouldn't have been a problem but since it was long distance every time he called it deducted 15 mins from the card, and he only had an hour left total. We got disconnected without saying I love you (which has never happened before)  so i was all upset and in tears..Then about 10 minutes later he called me back from someone's cell phone and said that he couldn't leave the convorsation without saying I Love You. I almost melted in my seat. It was the BEST moment of my life. Ahh It's been a long road, and there's still a ways to go.. but the hardest part is over. and before I know it It'll be my turn to get to see my man! YAY!! I just wanna thank all of you ladies for being there for me when I needed it the most (especially BreYana, Rachel, Allie, Devon) and making this experience a whole lot easier to deal with! I love you all like friends that i've known my whole life! Your all wonderful and truely deserve the best :D

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awe yeah! Congratulations!! Tony graudates this weekend!! He is so excited and so am i but i can't go and see him graduate!=( O well, i can't help it.. but i am so happy for you!!!

Thanks! and haha yeah devon he definately just ordered one! haha I already downloaded skype and practiced like video calling my cousin haha just to make sure it works! (all that time off from school and nothing to do lol) So yeah hearing from him everyday will be heaven! Can not wait :D

Congrats =)

Tech school is definitely better than basic. You'll be able to hear from him everyday. And ohhhh man webcam dates. I love webcam dates lol Make him buy a laptop if he hasnt already :P

I know right?! I can't wait to get some phone calls from a CELL phone rather than a PAY phone :D <br />
They pretty much suck haha. But I'm hoping tech school is WAY easier than basic. and Joey's tech school is in Mississippi I think he said Keesler AFB? haha not too sure.

Ah so cute! Girl you are SO welcome! YAY! Your bmt adventure is finally overrrr! And you're going to love love love tech school!

Yay for you! Tech school is WAY better than basic, especially when he gets that cell phone of his turned on :)

You are so very welcome Timmi!!!! Im so happy to hear that the he was able to talk to you. Where is his Tech Schooling at?