Monster Mom

So today Tre is supposed to be allowed to have one call to give his address. Unfortunatly he's gonna call his mom a.k.a the mom I despise. Before he left I told him I wanted him to call me but that's not happenin (he really wants me to be able to 'talk' to her and I guess he sees this as an opportunity). Well here's a little history between his mom and I. Not too long after he told his mom that he was going out with a mixed girl (me) they ended up having a talk one night and she told him she thought it'd be "easier" if he went with a black girl. Right then, I knew I wasn't going to like her. I mean come on! We're in the 21st century! It's not like people are gonna yell horrible things while we're walkin down the street together (as a matter of fact, when we went to high school together, tons of people, even teachers, said we were "a cute mix" =D) And there are MILLIONS of multi-racial couples. But for some reason, it just doesn't seem like she wants me and him to work/make it through. On top of that, she can possibly be my future mother-in-law. Quick question: if she doesn't call me tonight or ever to let me know (i've already tried calling the house and then her phone but no answer), what's the number that I can call to get his address?

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Ughk, i dont like her. I had a monster-in-law in a previous i know how them b*tches can be! lol. Thank God Richards mom is a breath of fresh air. But some food for guys may get close during this process..its veryyyy likely! And yeah he is a sneaky guy..ofcourse he doesnt want his girls to have BEEF lol.

Thank you ladies once again. You're all VERY helpful. And deevon, yea he is a sneaky one and he always refers to himself as a ninja. LOL. yup yup he's my little big boy =)

oh during basic while me and his mom where sharing our letters her exact words where "I know you guys wont make it but you can take a run for it" i know its frustrating but try to make the besy of it.

Ah the monster mom. I havent had to deal with that, but Im sure its no fun. But it made me giggle when you mentioned your boyfriend using the address call as a way to get you to talk to her. Lol. He's a sneaky little one! Anyways, the number you'll be calling the the BMT Reception Center. The number is, (210) 671-3024. Nick's address call came to me, so I didnt have to call in for it. But I know if you give them your Airman's name they'll gladly give you his address :) Good luck!