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My fiance has successfully made it through basic training he will leave March 5Th to go to Eglin AFB in Florida. his job will be EOD. translation:  he will be disarming bombs. I have a two year old son from a previous relationship (thankfully never married the guy) and they adore each other. He often asks where he is and i try to explain that he is at "work". My fiance will be at Eglin for 6-8 months. He thinks that he gets 30 day leave after graduation from Tech School before he is sent to his duty station. we want to get married during that time. however he has mentioned getting married before then. maybe on a weekend after he is in phase 3. I am new to the whole military thing and have no idea how things work. will he be able too then? how do i prepare for it? like applying for the marriage license or state requirements. I'm so confused about the whole thing and i have no idea where to start. I want to marry him but i need some guidance on where to start. I am use to being alone so the separation isn't so hard for me. my dad was in Iraq for my entire high school career and my ex spent 90% of the time away from me so this isn't my first long distance relationship. but other than the distance what are some of the advantages vs. disadvantages of being married to an airman?

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thanks for the help. i found a website for Okaloosa County Clerks office. If im correct that is the county Eglin is in. it states that if both parties are non florida residents then there is no waiting period for the license to become effective. Now ive never been married before and what im understanding is that we wont have to wait the 3 days. However since he is living on base of course does that make him a florida resident? i know i must sound ridiculous but i am completely confused lol. He is very worried about dropping out. He is highly intelligent and he studies hard. I know he can do this and even if he cant i know he gave it his best. I am seriously considering getting married over a weekend once he is in Phase 3 and can leave base. I like to be perpared and know exactly what to do. Thanks again for the help. I think im heading in the right direction now.

Most states will waive the time restriction for couples in the military so really all you would have to do is the paperwork and submit it. If you want to get married in FL I would contact the county offices and see what the process is. Some have stuff on there website while others barely have there contact info.<br />
From what I have heard EOD school has a HUGE dropout rate. It is a very hard school. I have heard of guys taking much longer than 8 months to graduate. You may want to take that into consideration and get married when he phases up. <br />
Good luck! and congratulations!!!