March 1, 2010

This is it ladies...I dropped Michael off at the airport at 4:30 this morning. He's on his way to Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage and I just woke up by myself for the first time in 2 weeks. I want to say that I've been crying ever since & I'd love to say that I can't sleep or eat without him but that's just not true, I know I can exist without him, I just don't want to. When we started dating, I thought the hardest thing I'd ever have to do is go through BMT with him without knowing when I'll be able to talk to him but I was wrong, I felt like I was leaving my boyfriend at prison this morning for a 3 year sentence that he signed up for. After we dropped him off I went to breakfast with his mom & it helped to hear someone give encouraging words. When it feels like the whole world including the AF is against your relationship, I know you all know what that feels like, it helps to know that there are still people that want to see you succeed in the end despite how against you the odds are.

I want to thank you girls, old and new, for always being there for each other & for me. Even if I don't post my own stories as much, I'm always on here reading the stories because it helps knowing that Michael & I are not alone in this. Our guys are strong but we're the strength behind them...Michael said to me at his graduation "Behind every Airman in Blues is a beautiful girl that keeps him all together." I never realized how much I'm actually there for him & how much I've actually done for him to make it through this whole thing until he told one of his buddies that just graduated from the Marine Corps that if it wasn't for me he would have never made it through. I thought he threw out the letters and pictures from BMT but when TMO came to move him out, he pulled out a stack almost 3 feet high of my letters and cards I've ever given him & packed them with his stuff. When you girls are feeling down, doubting whether you'll hear from your Airman, doubting when you'll get to see him again, doubting whether you can do this...think about what Michael said: YOU are the reason why they can wake up every day, the reason why they can exist when they're being yelled at and have to crawl on their hands and knees with no sleep, why they can go halfway across the country or the world to do a job they give away all their rights's all because of you lovely ladies.

If there's one thing I learned it's that no one wants to see me sit around sad all day, especially not Michael. So I'm going to go out today and remember March 1, 2010 as a beautiful day and be grateful for the 2 weeks the AF gave me to spend with my amazing boyfriend. I hope you all get to hear from your Airmen soon & stay strong, you're some of the most amazing people I've ever known =]

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I applaud you for behind able to hold you head up high through all of this. I hope you two get to communicate throughout this process. Good Luck dear!! ^_^

Ohh, okay. Well that's good that your parents will pay for you. I heard Alaska was like really pretty, and it's not as bad as some people would think it is. At least you don't have school for too much longer! I know it's gonna be rough at times, but you guys can and will make it. You two are both very strong. And I wish nothing but good things for you and your man as well :)

Lizzie-- Michael got to take 2 weeks leave before he went to Elmendorf. He did RAP (Recruiter's Assistance Program) he would have been able to have taken an extra week of leave but had to stay at Tech School for an extra week doing details because he did not have enough leave left over since he took leave during Christmas Exodus. He is now negative leave & will earn 2.5 days per month that he works but should not be able to take any leave during the first year of work. Hope that helps =]<br />
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Mariah--Thank you for the words of encouragement! =] For Christmas my parents told me they would pay for me to go up to stay for the summer & I will probably stay for a month. After I finish school I am planning on moving up with him because I only have about 1.5 years left & his assignment is 3 years<br />
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Charlene-- I'll be seeing him June/July/August depending on when I have to take summer classes. He did not opt to do 365 TDY yet, I'm hoping he'll LOVE Alaska & won't want to go. The reality of it though is eventually we'll have to go through a deployment, I'd really love it if he didn't volunteer for it though... I really dislike the fact that we're so limited to bases with the 22's, but I can't say anything about it because he's so excited about working on them. You were one of the first girls I talked to on this site & you & Christian are always someone that I think about whenever I'm going through rough times because I'd love to be able to move to be with Michael just like you did, even if you are at Holloman, the good thing about the AF is that it's not forever =]

I have a feeling I'm going to be coming back and reading this post every week while my man's in Basic. This really is such a beautiful post...definitely inspiring. You're giving me hope that no matter what the AF throws our way, we'll be able to tackle it head on. <br />
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I hope I'll be able to handle these kind of situations like you are. Good luck and I hope you guys get to be together again as soon as possible. :)

Your story is so sweet!!! I hope you get to see your man again soon!!!!

So, this basically made me tear up. I don't know what I could say, but that post was beautiful. And really encouraging. All you girls give me the strength to keep going on and your post was definitely one I'll keep in mind. It really means a lot. I wish you all the best, all the strength and love you can possibly have. :) And I hope you keep posting! Its nice to hear about things past basic and tech.

This was precious. I really enjoyed reading yours and Michael's words of encouragement. I wish the best of luck to the both you! :) Do you plan on visting him every so often, or moving up there to be with him maybe eventually?

he is in tech for EOD training. he will be learning to disarm bombs. did your airman get leave before he went to Elmendorf AFB? if so how long?

He just graduated from Tech School @ Sheppard AFB. He is Aerospace Propulsions on F-22 Raptors. Elmendorf AFB is his Duty Station for 3 years =/ we wanted Eglin or anywhere in FL but "they send you where you're needed." What is your fiance in Tech for?

thank you so much u have no idea how much these words mean to me. my fiance graduated this weekend but instaed of leaving with every one esle he must stay behind another week. I wrote him everyday and sent him many pictures. he said i was the reason he made it. he told me that the hardest part wasnt the lack of sleep of the cold wet weather but having to live without me. talking to some of the guys in his flight i can say without a doubt that there are no other men like these here. they love unconditionally and with all there hearts. i heard them talk about there gfs and wifes like they were there lives. everything you say here is the truth. they are truely one of a kind. i am so proud of my airman but i am also proud of each and everyone that stood out on that field on friday. good luck to you and your airman. my airman will be on his way to Eglin AFB in florida. what will yours be going to school for?