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Well I've been really sick this past weekend with some kind of throat infection. I don't know what it is but it SUCKS! I couldn't eat anything and I barely got any sleep. It was just so hard to stay positive in my letters to Rocky. And I was REALLY hoping to get a letter from him on either Friday or Saturday but I didn't. =( I got so disappointed. On Sunday I was in this horrible mood and I just felt so sorry for myself. Right after I got done writing a message to Katie about my depressed state I got a text from Rocky saying "I'm about to call you so get ready." I read that message and got so excited! I even ending up rolling over my own foot with my rolling chair that I was in. LOL. He called me and we talked for 15 mintutes. Well more like he talked for 15 minutes and I listened, which is hilarious to me because I could barely get him to talk to me for 2 minutes on the phone when he was home. But I loved it!!! He seemed so much happier than the last phone call. The one before yesterday's (on thurs the 18th) was so depressing, he even told me that he was trying to leave but couldn't go into detail because he only had 5 minutes. But anyways, he descibed more yesterday. He said that he went to a counselor to sign up for "Early Separation" so he could get out of there and come back home. The counselor told him to wait one more week and come back to tell him his decision. Well yesterday he explained that he has an appointment with the counselor today and that he was going to tell him that he wanted to stay because Rocky received my letters and they helped him so much and he begged me to never stop writing! *big smile* Like Katie told me, "It's weird how we want them home so bad but we don't want them to quit" and that is so true! But Rocky went on to talk about how much he misses me and that he loves me and that he just sent me a 3 page letter to me!!!!! I can not wait until it gets here. I calculated that it should arrive either Thursday or Friday. As I got home from school though, my mom calls me and said "did you check the mail?" That made me curious so I did and found a letter to me addressed from ROCKY!!! Of course I got really excited at first but then I thought about it and was confused as to why I got a letter so early. I opened it and graduation information was inside. Now I have to go be a little messager girl and talk to my mom, Rocky's dad, and Rocky's nana to start planning our trip. I love how he only wants to call me and send me stuff to tell everyone else, I really do!! (no sarcasm)  But then again I'm not fond of talking to his family that much. I just found out today that Rocky's dad is i guess jealous of me....? Like I said, Rocky always calls me and me only. Well Rocky's dad wants him to call him but it's not my fault that he just wants to talk to me. I tried to get Rocky to call his family before but he just didn't want to. (which i can't blame him because his family was never really that good to him) Rocky even told his family before he left that he was going to call me every chance he got and I would tell everyone else how he was doing. They were fine with it then. But now they want to complain about it. I don't know....Well I gotta do my messager duties. sorry if this is sorta long and random.



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Thanks girls! and guess what. I just got back from visiting with Rocky's dad and it turned out that Rocky's sister (the one who told me that her dad wanted more calls from Rocky) lied to me, again. Yea he misses his son but he's happy that he's calling me and he understands. He even gave me a hug tonight. And he was sober. You don't know how HUGE that is. lol. During the 4 years I've been dating Rocky his dad never gave me a hug or a handshake or a high five, anything. I feel so accepted now lol. Now I gotta head to Choctaw, OK Wednesday to talk to his nana. =D

Wow all those letters. Im glad youre getting as many calls as possible.

Aw not too long, I loved it! I'm so happy for you, and I'm so proud of him for deciding to stick it out. You should be proud of him too. Though I'm sure you are. hahah That's really great, and amazing what our letters can do to them. :)