Im Guna Kick Some Arse In This Wheelchair

Ok, so for those of you who actually know what im talking about, I'm feeling optimistic about this delightful little legless ride of mine. For those of you who are totally in the dark, I ate it leaving the dance studio and fell down some stairs and look like the bride of frankenstine and have legs that are currently chillin ina chair for the next few months. so heerreesss the update: Surgery went well saturday, i even gota phone call that morning! I got a chance to explain what had happened, and he was not only understanding, but very supportive and made me feel like this is not going to be the end of the world. Two more weeks till grad and then I can start planning a Tech visit for when I'm on crutches and not in the chair. People STILL aren't all that understanding about why I'm so irritated about not being able to go to grad and see him, but to hell with them. I have permission as an impaired person to runover whom ever whenever with my chair of glory. I'm learning to drag myself across the floor on my butt around my house when I dont wanna crawl into the chair and what not. I look fairly retarted, but you know, I feel semi bad ace being able to moveon my own. After talking to Greg, I've decided I'm not going to pout, I'm just going to get better. ASAP. I have the next surgery the 13th, bring it onnnnnnn! I'm guna say I'm guna walk on my own by May.

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6 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I hope the surgery goes well for you.<br />
I'm glad you're being so positive. It's very inspiring :)

Ohhh goodness..get better soon!!!!! Glad he was very understanding and supportive, which is what you need right now. (hugsss)

I'm sending my well wishes your way!!! :)

Hahaha, this is amazing. I laughed too..keep up that attitude, lol. Good luck, you'll be walkin' again soon :)

Kudos to you for being so optimistic! With that attitude you'll be walkin before you know it!!!!!

Ghaha this made me laugh a lot. Picturing you dragging yourself around. lolll I'm really glad you have such a great attitude towards this. Keep it up girl! And I'm crossing my fingers for the speediest recovery. :)