Ohh Im Haveing An Off Day.

well to start it off i had a horrible night last night and all i wanted was jeff here.. well since i never get that i decided to try and cheer up. that didnt go as planned. i get to school and everyone was in a horrible mood, then my friend was texting her boyfriend and was like no i dont want to see you today, like i would have never said that to even if he was home. and so i said i would kill to see my boyfriend and she had the nerve to say yeah well you cant so stop complaining, i never complaining i mostly keep to my self.. and then at lunch my friends ashley and kaytlyn where being so imature, i couldnt handle it so i ate lunch by myself and felt like a complete loser while texting jeff during lunch which never happens cause he is on midnights but had a dentist appnt. then after lunch i was in englsh and this girl named kim was talking bout her new boyfriend which he is so nice to her and treats her like a prncess but she treats him like crap is goin into the marines and she is telling him she will not date him and stick with him..so i throw my two cents in there cause i feel she is at the wrong and she had the nerve to tell me that she would be just like me and cheat on her boyfriend.. wow i have never once came anywhere near close to cheating on him nor would i ever think of it.. so again tonight is goin to be a night where i just want and need jeff here.. sorry this is long but i needed to vent after all that.

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i have come to the conclusion that being in highschool and having a boyfriend in the military only cause more problems in your life..

ughhh i know what you mean...I can be in a fine mood but when i get to school<br />
someone always has something rude or sarcastic to say bout u and ur man or they are just being<br />
immature and really just sets u off!! I have the same issue except the guys in my<br />
school are soo imature and rude they just ruin my whole day!! you just gta ignore them and Just prove all those people wrong cuz ur gona be the happy one happily married to a<br />
hard working succeful man =)

Soon you will learn to just roll your eyes at comments like that can rant about them on here. It really helps. lol. This seems like a pretty bad and tiring day for quite a few people, I hope things get better for us soon. ^)^

aww im sorry! and i agree with deevon.. i know we are nowhere close to being the same as venting to your boyfriend, but we are always here.. Hope it gets better.. and just remember that you are soo much stronger of a person than any of the girls you mentioned above.. & you are lucky too.. because obviously you have a love that is worth waiting for.. ;) have a better day tom.

Ugh. High school drama. Im glad Im out of that loop. Lol But, sadly, there will always be people that act like that. I feel myself getting SO angry when I overhear people I dont even know talking about how much they miss their boyfriends after one weekend of not seeing them. Lol. You just have to learn how to deal with it and remind yourself that YOU have the better end of the deal and that YOUR relationship is stronger :) Which sounds conceited of me. But hey, Im a military girlfriend. Im convinced I have it better than civilian girlfriends. Haha :) I sure hope your day gets better and that you have a better tomorrow! Thats what we're all here for! Venting when your man isnt around :)