Another Update Since It's Been A Couple Weeks.

Still the same, really. Just when I think things have gotten really good, it all falls apart again.


I don't know how much more of this rollercoaster I can deal with. I'm putting on a pretty decent facade for my friends and family but really--I don't have a lot of faith in this anymore.


I have a lease with him and nowhere else to go or money to go anywhere else, and still no tech school date in sight for him. It could be as late as September.

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I hate coming on here too. And I hate not having something happy to share. But I really think you should talk to him if you haven't already, because you're making yourself miserable here and it's really not right. I hate to see any of you girls hurting. I know you're in an awful situation because you live together but I think you can definitely work it out so as though if the worst happens and you two need to take a break or for good, you can do it on good terms. Maybe if when you talk to him you make it the least bit confrontational as possible. Just casual. I don't think you should have to wait for Tech school to see if your relationship works. No. If its going to work it'll work now. And it should be fixed now. Cause maybe then the distance will only make it worse at Tech. I kind of agree with you, I hate BMT because it gave me false hope, they needed people who care and do anything for extra support and I feel sort of thrown to the waste side now that I'm not needed. But you're a really strong amazing girl and you shouldn't have to put on an act. If you need to hold out longer because of the living situation I'm here for you to vent whenever. But you should really try to talk to him.

I hope things work out for the best, I know things were getting good. Maybe its because of his surroundings. Maybe once he is in tech and REALLY has to focus, things will improve. Keep me updated Juli.

like they were in BMT*** I meant

Even more distance, so things can be fake like they were in tech school...and then he can come home and be another person. It's painful to have to wait for tech school to see how things pan out. I can barely come to this site anymore to read because everyone is so happy while their boyfriend is in BMT...but BMT is such a fake representation of how they supposedly feel.

This kills me :( You two seemed to be doing great! I still have my fingers crossed for you! Who knows, maybe once he leaves for tech school, even more distance between you two will finally put things into perspective for him?