Graduation :)

this weekend Chris graduated and wow was it ever worth the wait. The best weekend of my life hands down, and i could not have made it without you girls. for the girls with their men still in BMT keep your heads up it will come sooner than you think!

Got there wednesday night and thursday morning i was so full of butterflies i don't remember the last time i was so anxious! I saw him run and omg AH he got the biggest smile on his face and couldn't look forward in the run he turned to look at all of us haha. but for the coin ceremony we went and sat down and waited 2 hours just sitting there to make sure we had a good seat. they gave their coins and when we were allowed to go up and touch them there were tears and so much hugging it felt amazing. the rest of the day was just base liberty and it's great just to be with him again but there is nothing to do on base let me tell you. we pretty much just ate the whole time haha and talked! no pda wasn't bad at all he was super sneaky and looked around really fast when we sat down and we could kiss. friday we got to sit through some more anxious ceremonys. his graduation. it was intense, i have never been so proud seeing him march around and all he has accomplished. it was incredible!!! and after we got to tour his dorm and see how tightly they fold their socks haha.

at 12 we got to leave on the town pass and that was grreeeaatt!! we walked the river walk and got to cuddle in the hotel finally. saturday and sunday were the same. and by saturday night he had bought a new phone and we got to text all night :) he bought some stuff and there was a "girlfriend ring" that they have there and he got it for me. it's suuuper cute :) sunday he had another town pass since he made warhawk so we went to ripleys wax museum in downtown san antonio and ate on the river walk. we spent almost all weekend downtown and it was great. but we had to say goodbye at 5 so we could catch our plane. there were more tears but this will be so much better. i am sick of writing letters!!! lol

even without doing anything at all it's amazing just to be able to sit there with him and just be with him. it was almost unreal like i was dreaming. i never actually thought the day would freaking come! it was worth it though. he has changed so much but only for the better and our relationship is so much stronger now. my advice is to do whatever you can to go to graduation. it's everything you could imagine but more.

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This makes me anticipate April 1st (his graduation) soooo much more. I'm glad I found this site, bc i felt like nobody understands how rough this is and can be on a girlfriend. I miss him so much and cant wait till these 3 weeks are up!

OMGOSHHHH cutest thing ever im soooo happy for you!! Reading that just made me soooooooooo excited all I have to do is wait until april 30th and hope I dont have midterms that week!! Because unfortunately no MATTER WHAT the circumstance is at UW seattle professors do not care what it is i am not allowed to miss midterms so im prayin and praying that i dont or i mayyyyy kill hahahah.. jk :). But seriously girl thats amazing I really hope I can make it because it will TOTALLY be worth it eeeek :D

aw I AM SO EXCITED FOR ALL OF YOU GIRLS! because i know how incredible it is! lizzieK aw i wish you would have found this site earlier! but i know what you mean, him having a phone is the most amazing thing in the whole world i never thought i could appreciate something so much! lol congratulations on getting married:) chris is planning on proposing soon but we'll wait another year and a half probably to get married

Mine graduates next week!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!! Ah! <br />
<br />
Enjoyed reading your post! :)

My airman graduated this weekend also. It was breath taking : ) I wish i had this group to help me through it but unfortunatly i found it only yesterday. Im glad to hear u had fun too. we did lots of stuff and his family left saturday so i had him all to myself on sunday. we were both sick tho. but it was still pretty amazing! and now that he can have his phone i feel so much better. i wrote him everyday he was in training. luckly i only lived 6 hours away from san antonio and i have family in the area so i didnt spend alot on a hotel. missing him again now that its over : ( but we are getting married soon. Glad to hear u had fun i'm even more excited!!! my guy graduates next weekend and the days are going by super fast! there is a no PDA rule on base?

oh wow i remember when it was like 36 days to go and i had a little calendar to mark off the days. it will fly by girls!!! :) i know i didn't believe it when the other girls told me but it's sooo true

awh i love these stories! its such a great feeling going to san antonio, huh?! i am so glad you got to go!

OMG I LOVE READING GRADUATION STORIES!!!!! I can not WAIT until Rocky graduates April 9th!!! Just reading this and thinking about that day makes me cry happy tears. lol (i'm a big baby) But I am SO happy for you. It sounds like you had a BLAST!! *sigh* just 36 more days to go. lol =D

Yaaaaay I'm so happy for you! Sounds like an awesome weekend! Reading this put a big smile on my face :) now I'm even more excited for this weekend - didn't think that was possible!

Im glad BMT graduation was such an amazing experience!

AWWWWWWWWWWWW YAYYYYYYYYYY =) woot woot!!! lol. Im sooooo happy for you and i cant wait to go! Im leaving on march 31!!! ahhhhh 30more days lol. But im sooo happy for you!!! Congrats!