So his mother finally called me back (after I had tried to contact her a couple times already) and gave me his address (come to find out, he was able to call her on saturday but she didn't bother once to call and tell me, eh.) Anywho, I have his adress written down but it makes NO sense and I think I got parts of it wrong because she didn't even know what she was talking about. I'd post it on here so someone could help me straighten this out but I've heard that's probably not the smartest thing to do. Help pleeeease!!!

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his mom was looking thru her junk mail yesterday and was about to throw it away until his little postcard with the address fell out =) =) i just sent out all the letters finally :) his TRS is 331 and FLT is 289 Dorm A-4.. i'm suuuuper happy.. now i just gotta wait to get his letters whenever they can write/send em out =) =) =) =)

Cool! Yay Bulldogs!!

Hey deevon112..Scott was 326 as well :)

Don't worry about the address too much. The first few I sent were totally wrong! Then I talked to someone and it cleared it up a bit but it was still really messed up. I just got my first letter from my man yesterday and I still had things messed up, like his dorm. But the letters still got to him somehow!

Haha, yeah... I'm going to be getting the call for my boyfriend's address this upcoming weekend and I've been freaking out about writing it down messed up or putting things in the wrong places...I saw what some of the addresses are supposed to look like and have been really nervous about screwing it up. Thanks in advance, devon. lol. :)<br />
<br />
Deja- looks like our guys are almost in BMT around the same time, haha. Your airman will be graduating exactly one week before mine. :) neatooooo! haha.

You're very welcome! My address at first was a MESS. All of my G's were T's and my M's were N's, my numbers were all over the place. Whew. But one of the girls helped me out on here and saved my LIFE lol Call that number and they'll gladly give you your airman's address :) Yay for being able to send letters! It's a great feeling!

Deevon, you are a TON helpful. Unfortunatly, his mothers not and the info. she gave me is all over the place and I'm 99% sure she didn't give me the right numbers/numbers are mixed up =/ I've written him everyday since he's left and REALLY want to send em out already but I'm gonna try to call that one number tomorrow for his address so I definetly won't get 'returned to sender'. Thanks soooo much tho!!

I messed up the address when I first got it. Mostly because I could barely hear him and I was so excited to hear his voice that I couldnt concentrate lol But it should go something like this:<br />
<br />
AB Last name, First name, Middle initial<br />
next line<br />
[some number] TRS/FLT [some number] (Dorm some number)<br />
next line<br />
PSC3<br />
Next line<br />
1320 Truemper St. Unit [some number]<br />
Lackland, AFB, TX 78236-5570<br />
<br />
"AB" stands for their rank which is "Airman Basic"<br />
<br />
"TRS" stands for "training squadron" Nick was in the 326. But there are a bunch of others. "FLT" stands for "flight" Nick's was 079. And his dorm number was A-1. So that part of his address read : 326 TRS/FLT 079 (Dorm A-1)<br />
<br />
The unit number varies with each graduating class.<br />
<br />
Dont worry if you dont have a dorm number. Its not a huge deal. Also, you or his mom will receive a post card around week 2 or so with his address on it. So then you'll be absolutely 100% sure of what his address is. If you get it wrong though, dont worry! As long as his name is on it, it'll find him no problem. When the post offices see its a military address, they go out of their way to make sure it gets to where it needs to go :) Now start writing!