I Just Can't Anymore.

I wrote a huge post before but deleted it. I talked to a couple girls about it but I reached the conclusion that it's over. Jeremy has been ignoring me for the past week and I don't know why. I found this out by a little too friendly comment exchange on FB last night with a girl who I was aware wrote him in Basic. I texted him, one last time, asking if he'll call me tonight, PLEASE. Hopefully we can at least clear things up and address some things. I really do think something changed and he's not feeling it anymore. Its just too weird what he's doing. I'm a realist. I don't have much hope in this anymore. Maybe this is all a huge misunderstanding, but he has no excuse for ignoring me. At least don't string me along if he's not interested, you know? So, we'll clear that up whenever I hear from him. I hate it. I loved him with all I had, but I really think this is all too much. It's too much sh*t to go through for a relationship. I'll find someone else, I know I will. I don't want to but that's life. I love you all more than anything for getting me this far. I don't regret writing him or sticking by him at all, I just don't have it in me to hate him. But I just can't do it anymore. It hurts too much.

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Allie :( It really hurts me to hear you so down like this but Im here for you not matter what!!! if you ever need anybody to talk to about anything. Even the fungus youre trying to grow in your closet or something, I'll be here. Have fun with your travels hun!!!!

Thanks. Beth raised my spirits a little, so I'm hoping somehow I look like a complete idiot after the phone call for all the good reasons. But after seeing that comment exchange between them, it was like a kick in the gut. We'll see. It WILL be interesting to see what he says.

Im really sorry Allie....it really seemed like everything was going to be okay. And everything might be, it'll be interesting to hear what he has to say if he calls you tonight. Even though I know it hurts, I really admire your positive outlook on the whole situation. I hope that no matter what happens between you and Jeremy, that you still stay strong....and enjoy your time in Europe! We're always here for youuuuu. Airman or not :)

We def will good luck girlie =)<br />
Hopefully everything will work out!!

I'd feel out of line saying something to her, not even being his girlfriend. But I'll ask him about it. If he has time to comment her and not me though, it kind of hurts. But thanks guys, you've given me a tiny bit more of hope. Pray for me / keep your fingers crossed that he does in fact call me tonight.

Well dont jump toto many conclusions because hopefully theres a good explanition....Hes probably really busy because when they are in tech school its verystressful an they are very busy with school, studing, tests. etc.If you go and read some other stories...Girls have the same issue where they havent talked to there boyfriends in days...But when they do get a hold of them the guys are upset that they barely get to talk and they just say how busy they are ya kno... Just Dont stress to much just yet... And as for the girl maybe you should say something to her Cuz thats when little bratty girls that have no idea what uv been through with your man try to interfere and ruin everything.....Its unfortunate but it happens =(But good luck and keep us informed!!

Awh! I am sooo sorry. I really hope everything works out. Maybe he has just beed extremely busy and hasn't had time to do much except for classes and sleeping. I am sure there is some reason for him not getting in contact with you. If there isn't, then just be strong and try to move on.

I'm pretty new to this group, so I'm unfamiliar with your history with Jeremy and all that, but just from reading this post....it seems like you've put up with a lot of crap from him and have had more patience than he probably deserves. <br />
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I really hope you get to talk to him tonight and clear things up. Whether you get closure or a revitalized relationship, it'll be good for you to know what direction things are going. You sound like a really strong, understanding person for sticking with him and his shenanigans. Whatever is decided in that phonecall, you'll make it through just fine. *hug*hug*hug* :) And as always, you know everyone in this group will be here for ya.