Should I Stay Or Should I Go? *sings*...

Fo' real, though. I've made this casual friend this quarter here at school and she lives about 3 hours away in Florida and drives home every other weekend. I told her about my Chad leavin' for BMT this week and she offered to have me come down with her to say at her house and hang out with her friends.

Part of me thinks it'll be a GREAT distraction, you know? My wonderful, amazing guy just left and I feel like I need to seriously keep myself occupied. it too soon? Should I give myself time to cry and eat ice cream? I'm a little afraid this whole thing will backfire and I'll end up feeling even more alone because I don't know any of her friends/family.....

Any advice? I'm getting a call from Chad tonight when he lands in Texas and that'll be the last time I hear from him until he gives me his address. :(

....SPEAKING OF WHICH! Cute story, lol. (I mentioned it to deevon :D) He originally told me that he was chosing me to call to give out his address and everything the first weekend he's in Texas. He didn't tell his mother about that because he didn't want her to jump on that and be like "YOU MUST CALL ME!" Unfortunately, when his parents were seeing him off at the recruiter's station (I couldn't be there because I had to leave the night before), the recruiter mentioned that first phonecall to give away the address and she did indeed jump on it and got really excited. Of course, right then he didn't have the heart to tell her he'd promised me the call. Anyway, he told me about this last night and that he'd been guilted into calling his mom instead, and I randomly like broke down...started crying a little and it was retarded. I guess I'm just crazy emotional right now anyway so the littlest things are bound to make me burst into tears. I tell him it's ok and that she deserves the call, and then he starts insisting that he call her and tell her he wants to call me. I beg him to just let it be...I don't want his mother to hate me, lol. Despite that, he did it anyway. He told his mother that he needed to make the call to me because he's going to "marry that girl some day" (AWWW!) and he apologized and such. Duuuude! He's always been a *slight* mama's boy, they've always been pretty for him to do this was impressive. Apparently she was really understaning (she likes me, so it's not so bad).

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Haha, yeah, I have a common name *grrumble* oh well, haha. I found you, though! Yay! :)

Ohh haha okay. Well I was saying you can add me on Facebook. I tried finding you, but there's like a million "Amber Smith's" lol. (I saw your name in a previous comment) My name's Mariah Liongco.<br />
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That one time was the only time he called me super early though. That's good that they're understanding. My teacher was super strict and would've taken my phone. You should just tell them you might be expecting some important phone calls within the next 8 weeks, lol. I usually got one maybe at least every other week, except for when he's in BEAST week, but that won't be til like his 6th week there. His first week is considered week 0. Hope he get's a decent TI! :)

I read it, lol, I just apparently don't remember anything. awesome. haha. :) By the way, I'm Amber.<br />
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I guess no more sleeping in until absurd hours, I need to be up at a decent time so I don't miss his calls! time to adjust the sleep schedule!! And I know some of my professors are rather understanding about that sort of thing if I warn them ahead of time, just tell them this week I'm expecting an important call so if I randomly get up and run out of class, that's why. haha. :)

Haha it's cool. My name's Mariah :) I left a comment in your first story, but I don't think you've read it yet, lol. But yeah, it was a total shocker. It didn't really hit me at first cause I was still half asleep, and got his address down real quick, then he had to go, so I just went back to sleep. When I woke up, I remembered the phone call and just thought of all these things I wished I had said to him, so I just wrote it all down in a letter, lol.<br />
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He usually called in the evenings if it was during the week. Except I remember one time he called while I was in class, so I couldn't answer it :/ But most of my phone calls were Sunday mornings. Like around 9 or 10am. It all really just depends on their TI though, so you can never be too sure! Just be prepared :) lol

Yeah I agree if i had an opportunity to do something like that in November i would have done it. It'll be a great way to keep your self occupies and happy (well....for the most part.)

nettsgirl- (sorry, still haven't figured out names yet lol) that is so amaaazing! he called you instead....gah! I bet that had to have been such an awesome surprise. that's SO cut!! made me "awwww!!" in my head a ton, haha (my roommate is sleeping..... trying not to wake her up with my loudness!)<br />
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:) and I definitely plan on being totally attached to my phone...I can't even imagine how horrible it would feel to miss a phonecall. I'd be sooooo annoyed with myself! Do they really just call at like any time...or like is it usually in the evenings or something? Oh wait! it's probably on weekends, DUH! I was afraid of having to run out of class to answer phonecalls, lol. I would do it though, haha.

Woooo!! <br />
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Thanks so much for all the input! I really appreciate it. I was talking to my mom about it and she wasn't I turned to you gals :) I'll definitely do my best to have a good time and hopefully even have some crazy entertaining shenanigans to write about in my letters to him. Gonna try and keep things positive as much as I can, but when the time comes to mope I'll just let it happen when it needs to.

awe.. i wish heff would have called me but he called his mom which i totally understand he called me all the other times which caused conflict. and i def think you should go with your friends. keep busy it helps so much.. try to do all you can do but remeber to make time to write letters.

I think you should go! It'll help you take your mind off missing him. The first weekend can be really hard if you're alone, so I definitely think it'd be cool to spend time with your friend and have fun! :)

Oh jeez. My husband's mom is like that too!!! She always wants to be first on his list. But I think she finally realized that he isn't "Mama's Boy" anymore. He's mine! :)

I think it should be okay for you to go. It'll be nice to spend some time out and keep you distracted. There will be plenty of time to mope, and cry, and eat ice cream, lol. We all have our breakdowns from time to time. I even still have them and I get to talk to Jordan everyday, but it still doesn't seem like it's enough sometimes.<br />
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That's super sweet that he wants to call you instead, and got the courage to tell his madre. I'm glad she understands :) She sounds pretty awesome. Jordan told me right off the bat he'd call his mom first to tell her the address and that she'll call me to tell me. I was a bit bummed, but I understood. Then one early morning I recieve a phone call from a 210 number, and it was my Jordan! It was so great to hear his voice, but I felt bad because he was crying and he NEVER cries. Don't be surprised if he's crying when he calls you, just about all of them do. He was just like, it's so great to hear your voice, and he just had to call me instead of his mom. I was super flattered and I didn't expect it at all. Then when I had to call her, I was nervous that she'd be upset he called me instead, but like your guy's mom, she understood. Everytime he got a chance to call, he always called me first, and then called his mom if he had time. Sometimes he even just had me 3-way her because it takes off 15 min everytime you make a call, lol. Just be sure to have your phone on you everywhere you go because you never know when he's gonna call. It's the worst feeling in the world when you miss one. I missed a couple :(